Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #18: Short Time

hello everyone!! okay so im super short on time today and im on a super po-dunk computer so this email might be a little short slash random.
this has been a super weird week with not a ton of missionary work going on which was a bummer. so starting with last week after p-day is i think where i left off last. we had a good day visiting people. we went and saw hermana vasquez our little pregnant hermanita who is stil trying to do missionary work even though she's about to pop at any second. she' was supposed to have her baby on saturday (i dont know if she did or not cause i left) and was still planning to drive less actives to church on sunday. and she was like oh yah i can do that if i havent had my baby yet! shes awesome. then we went and saw my dear cindy one last time and i got to say bye to her and tell her that she better not ever miss church again. and last we saw evelyn marin for a last goodbye with her too. we had to be in the apartment by 6 that night though cause there was snow coming in.
wednesday was p day and we took the T into cambride with our elders and went to the mall. then we met our zone at the cambridge stake building and played volleyball and wrote in eachothers journals and chilled. while we were there though we got a mission wide text saying that we were all going to be red dotted all day the next day cause of the massive snow storm coming in!! so we had to spend the entire day just in the apartment and it was torture. seriously we were all going a little bit crazy not being able to leave haha. the elders tried to study Isaiah for like four hours and so they totally cracked. we all followed shortly after though. 

okayyy im even shorter on time now cause the computers at the library crashed and so now all 12 of us missionaries are sharing two computers at the chapel. sooo sorry bout it. 

we spent the first half of friday red dotted too but then we could finallyyy leave in teh afternoon. it took us a while to shovel our way out but then we were FREE! we met up with our elders at the chapel to correlate and visited  a couple of people. and that was about the extent of my week in good old revere. 

saturday we made the trek over to brockton. we drove here cause the other sisters were short on car miles. it took like three times longer to get here than it should of but eh, thats typical with sister hileman driving. so we made it to brockton and i said goodbye to my old companions and hello to my new ones! sister hileman was so funny she said she felt like she was dropping her daughter off at college. she even packed me a lunch. 

so my new companions are sister lima and sister carone. they are both from brazil but have spent the last few years in the states. sister lima is the exact same person as olivia richey. like exactly the same person its weird. and sister carone i knew in the mtc! our district like attacked her when we were there cause shes brazilian and so we begged her to teach us. haha and now im her companion! we live with two other portuguese sisters too by the way. 

so today we moved apartments too which is adding to the craziness of the day. they decided that five sisters in an apartment with one bathroom was not a good idea. which is funny cause thats exactly what we had in revere. but we excxhanged with the white elders and now we live in the same apartment building as our portuguese elders. there are 8 of us in this branch. isnt that nuts?? haha also its a branch but they have more people coming to church every week than we did in revere as a ward. theyre trying really hard to make it into a ward. 

lets see... theres a lot more to talk about than i thought but ill update you more on my comps and the area next week after ive been here for longer. all the people here are from Cape Verde and their portuguese is more like from Portugal than brazil. so that will be different. and yah most speak creole more too. its pretty nuts being in portuguese. it was like on friday i gave my last couple of lessons in spanish and then next day transfer and SWITCH time to know portuguese. gahhhh stress. haha but itll come with time. and im lucky to have companions that know it and can help me. 

i love you all so much!!! sorry things were crazy this week and for anyone that i didnt have time to reply to. ill write you next week maybe hopefully! :) love you and have an amazing week!

all my love,
sister tantillo 

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