Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #16: Crazy Weather

The last couple of days here in Revere have been crazy!!! we had a snow storm on saturday night and everything iced over. and so we had to be in early that night cause President didnt want us out driving on the roads in case it got too bad. and then church the next morning got cancelled. so we ended up going to the english ward later in the afternoon so that we could still have at least sacrament meeting. they had this big christmas music program and it was perfect. we were just sitting there like... yah this is not what our ward is like AT ALL. hhaha but they try.

also on sunday one of the 8 year olds in the ward got baptized!! we went over to her house earlier in the week to teach her a lesson about the importance of baptism. she was SO stinking cute and excited! she has an older sister that spoke at it and she gave the same lesson that we gave to them when we went to their house. haha except she did it better. it was this object lesson that you put food dye in water to represent sin and then add bleach (baptism) which makes the water clear again. and then you add pepper to the water to represent sin after baptism and stick your finger in. and when you pull it out the sin is all over your finger!!!! and so next time you cover your finger in liquid soap (holy ghost) and when you put your finger in again it comes out clean cause the soap protects it!! anyways they were super mind blown by it.
we had our usual dinner at the Guzmans with the elders this week. and guess what we ate?? COW TONGUE. i wish i were joking. they were bringing these tacos out one at a time for us to eat which is always hard cause you dont know when the food is going to stop coming!! haha and so we were all on taco 3 or 4 when elder freeman started looking at the 3 inch pile of meat on each on and was like guys... theres fur and taste buds on this meat. and we were like NO WAY stop joking about that! but sure enough Hermano Guzman came out and was like yah!! thats cow tongue!! its a delicacy!! and then we had to smile and nod and eat three more tacos each.. pray for me. hahah no it tasted good but after knowing what it actually was it made us all sick! haha and so it took us a good couple days to get over the wanting to barf feeling in our stomachs.
this week we tried something  new and did weekly planning with our elders. it went super well!! we work with all of the same people and are correlating every day so it only makes sense to plan our weeks together. and we ended up switching investigators because one of ours (jaime) we can only go to if we have a chaperone and theyve been teaching this 11 year old girl. so same problem with it being the opposite gender and so we just did a little switcherooo and solved that one! we're doing 12 days of christmas for them right now and they probably know its us because we're the only people that would do it in english... but they're pretending to not know at least so thats good! we drop off a gift and a note at their house every day though.
last week for pday we went to teh museum of science in boston! it was AWESOME!! there was an indoor lightning show. and the museum was HUGE we couldve spent a week in there if we had had the time. and the guzmans got us in free which was super nice of them. after that we went to get platanos cause sister hileman was craving them. and we ordered the wrong kind and so we had to order them again and ended up eating a lot of platanos. haha but they're great so thats okay! after that we had dinner at the garcias and she make (michael get excited) spaghetti tacos!!! they're a legit thing!!! haha that made me happy. i was full from the platanos but she gave me two so you just gotta push through and eat.
oh also before i forget to tell you!! elder papenfuss got his visa to brazil this week!! he's in my district and has been here to like 6 months or so. but he's leaving january 1. isnt that awesome?! no word on mine but im still not worried about it! last night we went to a devotional at the cambridge chapel because one of our missionaries here, sister belchoir, gave a devotional to tell her life story. which is incredible. but she gave it in portuguese and so they had headphones with translations available. i listened with one ear in portuguese and the other in english so that i could practice recognizing the words. it was fun :) and she's incredible. she got here the same day as me and we loved each other right away! and then this incredible story about where she has come from and everything she has been through to get here unfolded and she is the purest and most christlike person i have ever met. something that she said that stood out to me was "if you compromise your values, you didnt have any to begin with."
last sunday we got to watch the christmas broadcast from salt lake and my favorite thing that was said was "our opportunities to give of ourselves is limitless." how true!! We can NEVER give too much. the message that we've been sharing with members when we go to their house for dinner appointments this month has been talking to them about what gift they can give to Christ this year. What can we give to our Savior that would show Him truly how much we love Him?
i love and miss you all. i hope you have a wonderful week and can recognize the miracles that happen in our lives every day. if you look, God is always there!
all my heart,
hermana tantillo

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