Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Letter #26: Sixth Month Mark!

THIS WEEK WAS MY 6 MONTH MARK!!! oh my goodness what is life that was the weirdest day ever! theres no way ive been a misisonary for 6 months! weird weird weird.

okay so time for the week summary. every time i sit down to write i forget everything and feel like i have nothing to write and then i end up running out of time because there is too much to say! but lets start with last night. we got home from church around 3ish after correlation with our branch mission leader Pedro. we call him Pedrito though because he's so little. he hates that. so we get home and have dinner and then head out for a night of teaching! we didnt make it very far though when it became very apparent that sister carone was not feeling well enough to be out. so we went straight home and she went sraight to the toilet. where she remained on the floor for the following three hours. my poor companion. we called the doctor and we're pretty sure that it was a side effect of the pills that she's been on to help her face become unparalyzed. so... it was a bit of a rough night. she was a champ though. i sat with her the whole time and held her hair back and brought her toast and crackers and tea. and she was so cute she looked up at me and was like "sister tantillo all i want is music". haha so i brought my ukulele in and we sat in the bathroom together and i sang her hymns while she felt like dying. i finally convinced her to move from the toilet and into bed and that was about the end of that.

okay other funny sister carone story of the week. it was a couple of nights ago and i woke up at like 2 in the morning to the sound of her voice. what was she doing? praying in portuguese in her sleep. it woke sister harris up too so im not crazy this actually happened. and then at the end of her prayer sister cope said amen. neither of them have any memory of this.

this saturday we have 2 BAPTISMS!!!! Daenielson and Za are being baptized on the same day. so we've been spending A LOT of time with them this week getting them ready and prepared. i sat by Daenileson in church on sunday and it was fast and testimony meeting so people were getting up and sharing their testimonies. and Daenielson leaned over to me and whispered "when can i do that?" and i was like right now if you want! and so he got up and bore the cutest most simple testimony and my heart swelled with pride and love for him! it was so cute. Za is doing really well too. She's been investigating for ever so she totally knows everything and we're just waiting until saturday! i'm so excited for both of them!!

we had zone conference on wednesday. it started at 8AM and went until almost 7PM. SO LONG BUT SO GOOD. i could listen to president packard talk for days. he's so knowledgeable and powerful and it blows my mind. we've also started an english class here! the Millers (our senior couple) are running it and we have Za going to it.

okay thats all i can remember from this week.. but i love you all and i promise next week will be longer! CAUSE ILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THE BAPTISMS! have a wonderful week!

love, sister tantillo