Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #18: Short Time

hello everyone!! okay so im super short on time today and im on a super po-dunk computer so this email might be a little short slash random.
this has been a super weird week with not a ton of missionary work going on which was a bummer. so starting with last week after p-day is i think where i left off last. we had a good day visiting people. we went and saw hermana vasquez our little pregnant hermanita who is stil trying to do missionary work even though she's about to pop at any second. she' was supposed to have her baby on saturday (i dont know if she did or not cause i left) and was still planning to drive less actives to church on sunday. and she was like oh yah i can do that if i havent had my baby yet! shes awesome. then we went and saw my dear cindy one last time and i got to say bye to her and tell her that she better not ever miss church again. and last we saw evelyn marin for a last goodbye with her too. we had to be in the apartment by 6 that night though cause there was snow coming in.
wednesday was p day and we took the T into cambride with our elders and went to the mall. then we met our zone at the cambridge stake building and played volleyball and wrote in eachothers journals and chilled. while we were there though we got a mission wide text saying that we were all going to be red dotted all day the next day cause of the massive snow storm coming in!! so we had to spend the entire day just in the apartment and it was torture. seriously we were all going a little bit crazy not being able to leave haha. the elders tried to study Isaiah for like four hours and so they totally cracked. we all followed shortly after though. 

okayyy im even shorter on time now cause the computers at the library crashed and so now all 12 of us missionaries are sharing two computers at the chapel. sooo sorry bout it. 

we spent the first half of friday red dotted too but then we could finallyyy leave in teh afternoon. it took us a while to shovel our way out but then we were FREE! we met up with our elders at the chapel to correlate and visited  a couple of people. and that was about the extent of my week in good old revere. 

saturday we made the trek over to brockton. we drove here cause the other sisters were short on car miles. it took like three times longer to get here than it should of but eh, thats typical with sister hileman driving. so we made it to brockton and i said goodbye to my old companions and hello to my new ones! sister hileman was so funny she said she felt like she was dropping her daughter off at college. she even packed me a lunch. 

so my new companions are sister lima and sister carone. they are both from brazil but have spent the last few years in the states. sister lima is the exact same person as olivia richey. like exactly the same person its weird. and sister carone i knew in the mtc! our district like attacked her when we were there cause shes brazilian and so we begged her to teach us. haha and now im her companion! we live with two other portuguese sisters too by the way. 

so today we moved apartments too which is adding to the craziness of the day. they decided that five sisters in an apartment with one bathroom was not a good idea. which is funny cause thats exactly what we had in revere. but we excxhanged with the white elders and now we live in the same apartment building as our portuguese elders. there are 8 of us in this branch. isnt that nuts?? haha also its a branch but they have more people coming to church every week than we did in revere as a ward. theyre trying really hard to make it into a ward. 

lets see... theres a lot more to talk about than i thought but ill update you more on my comps and the area next week after ive been here for longer. all the people here are from Cape Verde and their portuguese is more like from Portugal than brazil. so that will be different. and yah most speak creole more too. its pretty nuts being in portuguese. it was like on friday i gave my last couple of lessons in spanish and then next day transfer and SWITCH time to know portuguese. gahhhh stress. haha but itll come with time. and im lucky to have companions that know it and can help me. 

i love you all so much!!! sorry things were crazy this week and for anyone that i didnt have time to reply to. ill write you next week maybe hopefully! :) love you and have an amazing week!

all my love,
sister tantillo 

Letter #17: Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND OF COURSE A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ADORABLE LITTLE SISTER. happy 16th katie!!! no dating until im there to approve of him!
This week we got 4 new investigators!!! cray right? it was awesome! one of them is Carolina who we met on the street randomly last week when we were trying to find one of our members homes. we talked with her and told her that we had a message about Christ and asked if she wanted us to come back to share it. and so a few days later we taught her the first lesson and brought one of our members, Annie Parras, along too! Annie is perfect haha and is the perfect person to bring to lessons because her family converted just a few years ago and is super solid. she's leaving to start her first year at BYU-I after the holidays and so she's spending her spare time right now going out with the missionaries! the lesson was awesome and as we were walking out Annie was like "she's so ready!!!" WE KNOW!! hahaha so im stoked for her.
our other new investigators are a family that hermana vasqueaz (our little pregnant lady) referred to us FOREVER ago and we've been dying to meet! and finally this week we did! actually only sister kemp did because we had two things to be doing and had to go on splits. so kemp went with vasquez to meet this family and set up a time for us to come back. she taught the mom and her two sons while she was there but the dad didnt stay to listen. so hopefully next time we go we can teach all of them together!
so we got hit with another big snowstorm this week. we were headed to juan marin's house to give him the next lesson which we've had planned forever and been super stoked about. but then we got a phone call from sister gomez (our sister training leader) saying to go home right away cause the snow was going to get worse. and then it was looking like they might cancel the christmas conference the next day!! but they didnt!  they divided the conference into two days and half of the mission went on tuesday and then our day to go was wednesday. we started the day at the temple which was beyond perfect. i could have stayed all day. and then we had a devotional with lots of music and speakers and messages about christmas. we ended the day with dinner and zone skits and then they handed out all of our packages from home which was glorious!! THANK YOU FAMILY!!! nothing could have been better than getting notes from all of you. i loved them and i love you.
elder hanberg, our district leader, is going home at the end of this transfer and guess what he gave me??? HIS UKELELE! its this little green on thats been traveling around the mission being passed from missionary to missionary. haah everyones signed it and then passed it on. so now i get to have it for a bit! im gonna make sister hileman teach me how to play. also this week elder somppi gave me a haircut. no joke. well actually kinda haha i was just teasing sister hileman about how my hair is crooked from when she cut it and he was like "Ill fix it!" and grabbed a pair of scissors. and then i think he was surprised that i didnt do anything about taht and just let it happen. hahah but surprisingly my hair  is actually significantly less crooked now.
this sunday was our christmas service at church!! our whole ward is tone deaf so you know how that goes. haha but we did a musical number that blew all of their minds. i played the piano, sister hileman sang, and sister nielson (our roomie) played her violin. we did the first noel and it was awesome! a man came up to me afterwards and told me taht he didnt know taht the piano could sound like that. hahahaha yah... and the day before when i was practicing this little girl came in and sat by me and just watched totally wide eyed. and then i taught her how to play america the beautiful! haha so yep good week :)
i love you all and i hope you are all enjoying this time to be with family and friends!! 
Sister Tantillo

Letter #16: Crazy Weather

The last couple of days here in Revere have been crazy!!! we had a snow storm on saturday night and everything iced over. and so we had to be in early that night cause President didnt want us out driving on the roads in case it got too bad. and then church the next morning got cancelled. so we ended up going to the english ward later in the afternoon so that we could still have at least sacrament meeting. they had this big christmas music program and it was perfect. we were just sitting there like... yah this is not what our ward is like AT ALL. hhaha but they try.

also on sunday one of the 8 year olds in the ward got baptized!! we went over to her house earlier in the week to teach her a lesson about the importance of baptism. she was SO stinking cute and excited! she has an older sister that spoke at it and she gave the same lesson that we gave to them when we went to their house. haha except she did it better. it was this object lesson that you put food dye in water to represent sin and then add bleach (baptism) which makes the water clear again. and then you add pepper to the water to represent sin after baptism and stick your finger in. and when you pull it out the sin is all over your finger!!!! and so next time you cover your finger in liquid soap (holy ghost) and when you put your finger in again it comes out clean cause the soap protects it!! anyways they were super mind blown by it.
we had our usual dinner at the Guzmans with the elders this week. and guess what we ate?? COW TONGUE. i wish i were joking. they were bringing these tacos out one at a time for us to eat which is always hard cause you dont know when the food is going to stop coming!! haha and so we were all on taco 3 or 4 when elder freeman started looking at the 3 inch pile of meat on each on and was like guys... theres fur and taste buds on this meat. and we were like NO WAY stop joking about that! but sure enough Hermano Guzman came out and was like yah!! thats cow tongue!! its a delicacy!! and then we had to smile and nod and eat three more tacos each.. pray for me. hahah no it tasted good but after knowing what it actually was it made us all sick! haha and so it took us a good couple days to get over the wanting to barf feeling in our stomachs.
this week we tried something  new and did weekly planning with our elders. it went super well!! we work with all of the same people and are correlating every day so it only makes sense to plan our weeks together. and we ended up switching investigators because one of ours (jaime) we can only go to if we have a chaperone and theyve been teaching this 11 year old girl. so same problem with it being the opposite gender and so we just did a little switcherooo and solved that one! we're doing 12 days of christmas for them right now and they probably know its us because we're the only people that would do it in english... but they're pretending to not know at least so thats good! we drop off a gift and a note at their house every day though.
last week for pday we went to teh museum of science in boston! it was AWESOME!! there was an indoor lightning show. and the museum was HUGE we couldve spent a week in there if we had had the time. and the guzmans got us in free which was super nice of them. after that we went to get platanos cause sister hileman was craving them. and we ordered the wrong kind and so we had to order them again and ended up eating a lot of platanos. haha but they're great so thats okay! after that we had dinner at the garcias and she make (michael get excited) spaghetti tacos!!! they're a legit thing!!! haha that made me happy. i was full from the platanos but she gave me two so you just gotta push through and eat.
oh also before i forget to tell you!! elder papenfuss got his visa to brazil this week!! he's in my district and has been here to like 6 months or so. but he's leaving january 1. isnt that awesome?! no word on mine but im still not worried about it! last night we went to a devotional at the cambridge chapel because one of our missionaries here, sister belchoir, gave a devotional to tell her life story. which is incredible. but she gave it in portuguese and so they had headphones with translations available. i listened with one ear in portuguese and the other in english so that i could practice recognizing the words. it was fun :) and she's incredible. she got here the same day as me and we loved each other right away! and then this incredible story about where she has come from and everything she has been through to get here unfolded and she is the purest and most christlike person i have ever met. something that she said that stood out to me was "if you compromise your values, you didnt have any to begin with."
last sunday we got to watch the christmas broadcast from salt lake and my favorite thing that was said was "our opportunities to give of ourselves is limitless." how true!! We can NEVER give too much. the message that we've been sharing with members when we go to their house for dinner appointments this month has been talking to them about what gift they can give to Christ this year. What can we give to our Savior that would show Him truly how much we love Him?
i love and miss you all. i hope you have a wonderful week and can recognize the miracles that happen in our lives every day. if you look, God is always there!
all my heart,
hermana tantillo

Letter #15: Splits

this week was super crazy cause we went on splits twice with the portuguese sisters! i stayed in our area both times though. the first time sister kemp went and we got sister adams here with us for the day! shes from utah and has only been here for a couple of weeks. we had an awesome day with her though! we ran into CVS to grab something and met this guy stephen at the cash register. and he told us that he was super impressed by us and our willingness to serve God at this age. and so we started talking to him about what we do and why we're here and he was really interested! so we exchanged numbers and everything and then sent the english sisters over to visit him this week. so im stoked to see what happens with that. its amazing meeting those people with hearts that God has prepared and that have a desire to be closer to Christ. also that night we had our second lesson with our investigator Juan Marin. we taught him the plan of of salvation and it was AWESOME!! he's finally getting all of these questions answered that he's had for years. now its just a matter of accepting the answers that he has recieved and making the change. its super fun teaching him though cause he asks really good questions. and i love the plan of salvation lesson and talking about those deep questions. where did we come from. why are we here. where are we going?

the second split this week was unplanned but sister gomez (our sister training leader) decided that she wanted to have sister hileman for the day too, not just sister kemp. and so hileman went with her and sister kemp and i got to handle this area for a day. we were nervous about it a little cause sister hileman has been here for a while and knows the area super well. and so it was weird not having her to ask questions to. but it went super well and ended up being our most productive day of the week! and my spanish was a lot better than normal that day. I was praying for it to be because i knew that i would have to be talking a lot more without sister hileman here!
we spent a lot of time this week helping sister vasquez, this adorable little pregnant lady, make christmas boxes to put scriptures in to give to the less actives in the ward. shes the lady that we went to her baby shower a couple of weeks ago. and we thought that she didnt like us haha but now she loves us! we think that shes bored and thats why shes decided to do this. but its awesome cause the first thing she thought of to do was misionary work!
so i talked about this a while ago but we have this book called "the power of the everyday missionary" approved to read in this mission because its written by one of the brothers in our mission presidency. and theres a story in it about the revere chapel which is where we meet for church on sunday! its super cool and inspiring and how hard the members here worked to get their building and the faith they had. so if you can find the story its worth reading! 

anyways, sorry that my email this week is kind of short. ill make up for it next week! but i love you all and i hope you're all safe and happy and enjoying the spirit of Christ this time of year.
sister tantillo

Letter #14: Christmas is Coming

i hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving week!!! and that everyone is all decorated for christmas now :) we started decorated the day after halloween because sister brown wouldnt let us any sooner. but hey, tis the season!
okay something i forgot to mention last week. at least i think i forgot to tell you. but sister packard came and talked to me and transfer meeting and let me know that i need to be ready to be emergency transferred at any point while im here. basically if any of the other visa waiting sisters get their visa and leave, they're going to send me over to their area to fill in. so thats crazy! basically i could be gone from this area at any time if anyone gets their visa. but im hoping that i can stay through christmas here.
we had a really great lesson with cindy this week! we brought over hermana sofia, the relief society president, and talked to her about being ready in a year to go to the temple with her family. cause thats when jose can go since itll have been a year after his baptism. we had sofia share her story about turning her life around and coming back to Christ. She used to be in a gang where she met her husband that has been in jail for the past several years. (He just got out and the Elders are teaching him). But anyways so she talked to Cindy and gave her a lot of hope about how things CAN change for her. and cindy said that she wants to go in to talk to the Bishop to get everything started with preparing to be worthy again to go! also she WAS on a boy fast until yesterday. i told her that she needs to focus on herself right now and the best way to do that is to have a nice little fast from boys. it was going super well and she started reading her scriptures again and everything but apparently she thought that 2 weeks was plenty long to be off of boys. i was hoping it would last a bit longer than that but its probably actually a record for her. so now she has another new boyfriend but shes promised us that it wont distract from the progression that she is making right now. i love cindy though! she's awesome and crazy and i love her.
also this week we taught the first lesson to Juan Marin! He's helping us "practice" teaching. His wife, Evelyn, is a member and has wanted him to take the lessons for forever and so this is a good non-pressuring way to do it. they have these three absolutely adorable little boys too so its always fun when we go over. the lesson went really well. he knows a lot but also has a lot of questions. and a desire to find answers! we're going back tomorrow to teach the second lesson - the plan of salvation- and im really stoked for that because most of the quesions he has are about not understand what our eternal plan is. also this week we went over to turkey attack their door but Evelyn caught us! actually we nearly gave her a heart attack cause she opened the door and we were just chillin their with little paper turkeys.
so on wednesday i got a haircut!! at 9:30 at night in our kitchen with craft scissors. i wish i was joking but for some reason that seemed like a really great idea that night and so i let sister hileman cut my hair. and its not actually that bad. just a little uneven like everywhere. hahaha i dont care though cause my hair is up everyday and now theres less to deal with. it was super funny though :)
okay now i will tell you about THANKSGIVING!!! we had a Colombian breakfast at the Saenz home with the Elders. he made this breakfast soup thing with milk and cheese balls and hard boiled eggs. it was super strange looking but tasted good! and then round two was scrambled eggs over rice. and this weird block of cheese thing that i hid in my purse cause it was too gross to eat. haha but it was a fun breakfast! and then we had our first dinner with Hermana Aurea and her two daughters. they're both in college and headed to med school. they made papas a la guancaina which is potato with these cheese sauce thing over it. and its the best thing you will ever eat in your life. and then the rest of the meal was just a typical thanksgiving! then we went to the Mendozas house and it was a big party over there! haha she had all of her kids and grandkids over and we got to finally meet her two older daughters that she had in her previous marriage. also  today we got distracted and somehow i ended up dressed up as an indian and sister hileman was a pilgram. pictures to come. but then we got back on task and had super awesome studies :)
saturday night was the noche de talentos at the church! its the wards favorite activity of the year! tons of the members did something and everyone loved it. the adorable primary kids had like 5 acts and the guzman girl julie (daughter of our mission leader) is the most talented little girl i have every met. we sang a christmas song with the elders and sister hileman played her ukelele which everyone thinks is the coolest thing ever. 

 anywho so it was a super spectacular week! every week here is! Something that has stood out to me a lot this week is that everyone has potential. and that we need to see people not as they are right now, but as what God has planned for them! Because that's how God sees them.
Sister Hileman gave me a training this week about looking into the eyes of affliction and being victorious. our first response to ANYTHING should ALWAYS be prayer. nothing else really even makes sense. why wouldnt we immediately turn to God when we have a problem or question or concern? thats where the answer will always be! 
"All VICTORY and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith." D&C 103:36
i love you all!!! have a good week :)
Hermana Tantillo 

Letter #13: Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! sorry i have hardly any time today but ill try to type super fast. also i dont have a ton to update on since i just emailed a few days ago! BUT HERE IT GOES!
this has been a week of birthdays!!!!! sister hileman and brown had their birthdays two days apart (this was before sis brown got transferred) and so both of those mornings i got up and made them a special birthday breakfast with pancakes and eggs and other random things that we had in the house. haha that was as much as i could do but i think they appreciated it. its kinda hard to get them a present when youre with them 24/7. also those were both normal days so we had work to do! however today elder somppi had a birthday and since its p-day we got to celebrate!!!! so because we are the best sisters ever we threw him a party with our entire district and our neighboring district who we also love. so we decorated the church gym like a camp site cause somppi loves to camp and made smores and sat around  a fake fire and someone brought a guitar. oh and we put up lights!!! we went all out and it was super awesome. pictures to come!
this past sunday was Jose's baptism!!! it was super special and him and guadalupe, the newly weds! are super happy. it was wonderful to see them. elder sousa, the brazilian elder, got transferred but he got permission to come back that day and baptize jose! cause he was one of the main elders to work with him. so that was super cool. i did the special musical number and played that song "baptism" that i used to play forever ago. guadalupe loved that. cindy (their daughter) didnt come which was really disappointing though. she was supposed to say the closing prayer. so we went to find her afterwards and find out what was up and she told us that she had been doing some bad stuff and didnt feel worrthy to be in church. so we took her out with us for the day so that we could talk with her. we ended up on splits cause we had two lessons to do at the same time. so sister kemp and hileman went to one and i took cindy to the other. we had some time afterwards to talk about things while we were waiting for the other sisters and it was really good. she opened up to me and told me that she wants to change. i love her so much and i see hope for her. i know that she can change! and i think that this is the time for her. we've been trying to do all taht we can to help her but she wasnt ready yet. so it wasnt working. but now she is ready and we're going to continue to do all that we can to help her!
oh! we have a new companion!!! her name is sister kemp :) shes 21 and from texas and shes super awesome. shes exactly what this area needs right now. and more specifically shes exactly what sister hileman and i need right now. caus shes bold!! and we're bad at that... so its awesome to have her! and the english sisters moved in too and we love that because the house feels less empty haha. its like having a family to come home to at the end of teh day and tell eachother what we did! and be excited for each others accomplishments! its super fun i love it so its worth being a little croweded.
the elders (freeman and somppi) got a new greeny to train!!! and im super happy about that cause im not the newbie anymore!!!!! haha we took him to the mission leaders house for dinner and remember when i told you about my first time there and when freeman teased me and made me eat ridiculous amounts of food? yah well they did that to him too and it felt GREAT to not be the one being teased for once! hahahah sorry thats rude. but true. he's an awesome missionary though and we're excited to have him!
we got TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK! what?!?!!? major blessings. one's name is Gabriela. her husband is a member and we've been trying to track her down for forever and we finally got to meet with her this week. and she says she wants to take the lessons!!! the other one is juan marin. his wife is a member and her name is evelyn. we spend a lot of time with her cause she loves the sisters and feeding us. haha but he started the lessons before but then those missionaries left and so he never finished. but he came to church on sunday and so we asked him if we could start teaching them to him and he said YES!!
so everything here is WONDERFUL! im happy and excited for the holidays coming up! i wish the spirit of the holidays lasted all year but ill enjoy it while its here!!! have a happy week and thanksgiving everyone!! 
Be grateful for all that you have. EVERYTHING is from God.

with all my heart,
Hermana Tantillo

Letter #12: Transfer Week!

TRANSFER WEEK!!!!! we find out about transfers via text. it came in at 9:30 saturday night! I'm staying here in Revere with Sister Hileman and we're getting another sister and being made into a trio again. and then the english ward is getting two sisters too! so they're going to be living in our apartment with us. we've been cleaning and rearranging like crazyyyy trying to make room for five sisters in our teeny tiny apartment. it works but itll be close! hahah but thats okay cause its fun and they're needed here! Sister Brown has been transferred to merrymack. thats how you say it but definitely not how its spelled.... hahah but yah she's leaving :( ill miss her shes been an awesome trainer for me! elder sousa our little brazilian edler is being transferred too. but elder somppi and freeman are still here.
this week we got to go on splits with our sister training leader. they're the portuguese sisters in cambridge. sister hileman and i went there with sister gomez. and then sister belchoir came to revere to spend the day with hma brown. its a 24 hour split and we just go to all of their appointments and teach together and learn from each other and its great! sister gomez is awesome and she gave us a lot of training and advice. also we were in a PORTUGUESE area! so that was super fun cause i got to use my portuguese that i havent used for the past 5 weeks. oh man i was all sorts of confused! hahhaha half the time i didnt know if what was coming out of my mouth was spanish or port. but eh they seemed to be following along so hopefully things worked out :) but it was fun adn everyone we met with just loved taht i was going to be going to brazil.
we also had zone conference this week and guess who it was with???? ELDER NIELSON!!  aka exclamation point speaker from general conference!!! if you havent seen that talk yet go read or watch it NOW ITS SO GOOD! and if you have go read it again cause its that good. but he came!!!! the conference lasted pretty much all day and it was in one of our chapels here. him and his wife spoke to us and we just got so spiritually uplifted all day.
saturday was a super crazy busy day. we set up for guadalupe and jose's wedding with the elders! it turned out looking pretty okay which is amazing considering that they asked a bunch of missionaries to do the decorating. jose is one of the elder's investigators and he's being baptized in a couple weeks! before the wedding we went to meet up with grandma and grandpa and aunt margaret at dunkin donuts so that we could have some time to talk and catch up! and that was super fun i LOVED that they came to visit me!!! we got to talk for a while and they gave me presents and cookies and soap and all sorts of good stuff because they love me and are too good to me. SO THANKS FAMILY :) YOU'RE THE BEST!! then we headed over to the chapel to help get some last minute things done! Bishop Iverson married them and i was asked to play the piano with zero warning but thankfully that went well cause i could have easily ruined their whole wedding if i messed that one up! haha and then after we went into the gym where we had set up and ate a whole bunch of food and talked and watched people dance. it was an awesome night and a really special treat to be able to see my family :) it meant a lot to me that they made the time to drive all the way to see me!
on sunday we went to the campos family for dinner and brought cindy and andrew (guadalupe and jose's kiddos). theyre a super solid family with three teenagers and so we wanted to bring cindy and andrew to show them a good example of a strong family that is centered around christ. cause we couldve told them all that in a lesson setting but we thought it would be a better idea to show them and then let them realize that thats what they want for themselves too. and it went super well! hermano campos was awesome with andrew and cindy loved the family dinner setting and that everyone was talking and happy and spending time together.
last night we went to the mendoza's to teach them about the plan of salvation. they're a recent convert family so they get to be taught all of the lessons again! they're one of my favorite families here. hma mendoza was so cute haha she told me that i wasnt allowed to get transferred. she worded it "oh youre not going anywhere. no no youre staying here for a long time. with us!" hhaaha so she was happy that her prediction was right and that ill be here for a while longer! they're one of the families that we're going to on thanksgiving. anyways so we got to teach them last night and had a really good discussion with them about life after death. they had a lot of questions and we're going to continue talking about it when we go back of friday.
also yesterday we went to hermana umanzor's house. shes a  single woman in the ward and we go over to her house to read from the scriptures with her because she doesnt know how to read. shes super sweet and she always makes us take food with us when we leave even though she doesnt have very much to give. everyone here i like that. they give us everything they can even if they dont have anything left to give. its very kind and humbling to be with these people.
everything is going well and im loving the work and the people. transfer meeting is tomorrow and then we'll be hitting the ground running to start off this next transfer!! things are looking great and im really excited to still be here in revere!!!
i love you all!!! ill email again on monday :)
con amor,
hermana tantillo