Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #14: Christmas is Coming

i hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving week!!! and that everyone is all decorated for christmas now :) we started decorated the day after halloween because sister brown wouldnt let us any sooner. but hey, tis the season!
okay something i forgot to mention last week. at least i think i forgot to tell you. but sister packard came and talked to me and transfer meeting and let me know that i need to be ready to be emergency transferred at any point while im here. basically if any of the other visa waiting sisters get their visa and leave, they're going to send me over to their area to fill in. so thats crazy! basically i could be gone from this area at any time if anyone gets their visa. but im hoping that i can stay through christmas here.
we had a really great lesson with cindy this week! we brought over hermana sofia, the relief society president, and talked to her about being ready in a year to go to the temple with her family. cause thats when jose can go since itll have been a year after his baptism. we had sofia share her story about turning her life around and coming back to Christ. She used to be in a gang where she met her husband that has been in jail for the past several years. (He just got out and the Elders are teaching him). But anyways so she talked to Cindy and gave her a lot of hope about how things CAN change for her. and cindy said that she wants to go in to talk to the Bishop to get everything started with preparing to be worthy again to go! also she WAS on a boy fast until yesterday. i told her that she needs to focus on herself right now and the best way to do that is to have a nice little fast from boys. it was going super well and she started reading her scriptures again and everything but apparently she thought that 2 weeks was plenty long to be off of boys. i was hoping it would last a bit longer than that but its probably actually a record for her. so now she has another new boyfriend but shes promised us that it wont distract from the progression that she is making right now. i love cindy though! she's awesome and crazy and i love her.
also this week we taught the first lesson to Juan Marin! He's helping us "practice" teaching. His wife, Evelyn, is a member and has wanted him to take the lessons for forever and so this is a good non-pressuring way to do it. they have these three absolutely adorable little boys too so its always fun when we go over. the lesson went really well. he knows a lot but also has a lot of questions. and a desire to find answers! we're going back tomorrow to teach the second lesson - the plan of salvation- and im really stoked for that because most of the quesions he has are about not understand what our eternal plan is. also this week we went over to turkey attack their door but Evelyn caught us! actually we nearly gave her a heart attack cause she opened the door and we were just chillin their with little paper turkeys.
so on wednesday i got a haircut!! at 9:30 at night in our kitchen with craft scissors. i wish i was joking but for some reason that seemed like a really great idea that night and so i let sister hileman cut my hair. and its not actually that bad. just a little uneven like everywhere. hahaha i dont care though cause my hair is up everyday and now theres less to deal with. it was super funny though :)
okay now i will tell you about THANKSGIVING!!! we had a Colombian breakfast at the Saenz home with the Elders. he made this breakfast soup thing with milk and cheese balls and hard boiled eggs. it was super strange looking but tasted good! and then round two was scrambled eggs over rice. and this weird block of cheese thing that i hid in my purse cause it was too gross to eat. haha but it was a fun breakfast! and then we had our first dinner with Hermana Aurea and her two daughters. they're both in college and headed to med school. they made papas a la guancaina which is potato with these cheese sauce thing over it. and its the best thing you will ever eat in your life. and then the rest of the meal was just a typical thanksgiving! then we went to the Mendozas house and it was a big party over there! haha she had all of her kids and grandkids over and we got to finally meet her two older daughters that she had in her previous marriage. also  today we got distracted and somehow i ended up dressed up as an indian and sister hileman was a pilgram. pictures to come. but then we got back on task and had super awesome studies :)
saturday night was the noche de talentos at the church! its the wards favorite activity of the year! tons of the members did something and everyone loved it. the adorable primary kids had like 5 acts and the guzman girl julie (daughter of our mission leader) is the most talented little girl i have every met. we sang a christmas song with the elders and sister hileman played her ukelele which everyone thinks is the coolest thing ever. 

 anywho so it was a super spectacular week! every week here is! Something that has stood out to me a lot this week is that everyone has potential. and that we need to see people not as they are right now, but as what God has planned for them! Because that's how God sees them.
Sister Hileman gave me a training this week about looking into the eyes of affliction and being victorious. our first response to ANYTHING should ALWAYS be prayer. nothing else really even makes sense. why wouldnt we immediately turn to God when we have a problem or question or concern? thats where the answer will always be! 
"All VICTORY and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith." D&C 103:36
i love you all!!! have a good week :)
Hermana Tantillo 

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