Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #13: Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! sorry i have hardly any time today but ill try to type super fast. also i dont have a ton to update on since i just emailed a few days ago! BUT HERE IT GOES!
this has been a week of birthdays!!!!! sister hileman and brown had their birthdays two days apart (this was before sis brown got transferred) and so both of those mornings i got up and made them a special birthday breakfast with pancakes and eggs and other random things that we had in the house. haha that was as much as i could do but i think they appreciated it. its kinda hard to get them a present when youre with them 24/7. also those were both normal days so we had work to do! however today elder somppi had a birthday and since its p-day we got to celebrate!!!! so because we are the best sisters ever we threw him a party with our entire district and our neighboring district who we also love. so we decorated the church gym like a camp site cause somppi loves to camp and made smores and sat around  a fake fire and someone brought a guitar. oh and we put up lights!!! we went all out and it was super awesome. pictures to come!
this past sunday was Jose's baptism!!! it was super special and him and guadalupe, the newly weds! are super happy. it was wonderful to see them. elder sousa, the brazilian elder, got transferred but he got permission to come back that day and baptize jose! cause he was one of the main elders to work with him. so that was super cool. i did the special musical number and played that song "baptism" that i used to play forever ago. guadalupe loved that. cindy (their daughter) didnt come which was really disappointing though. she was supposed to say the closing prayer. so we went to find her afterwards and find out what was up and she told us that she had been doing some bad stuff and didnt feel worrthy to be in church. so we took her out with us for the day so that we could talk with her. we ended up on splits cause we had two lessons to do at the same time. so sister kemp and hileman went to one and i took cindy to the other. we had some time afterwards to talk about things while we were waiting for the other sisters and it was really good. she opened up to me and told me that she wants to change. i love her so much and i see hope for her. i know that she can change! and i think that this is the time for her. we've been trying to do all taht we can to help her but she wasnt ready yet. so it wasnt working. but now she is ready and we're going to continue to do all that we can to help her!
oh! we have a new companion!!! her name is sister kemp :) shes 21 and from texas and shes super awesome. shes exactly what this area needs right now. and more specifically shes exactly what sister hileman and i need right now. caus shes bold!! and we're bad at that... so its awesome to have her! and the english sisters moved in too and we love that because the house feels less empty haha. its like having a family to come home to at the end of teh day and tell eachother what we did! and be excited for each others accomplishments! its super fun i love it so its worth being a little croweded.
the elders (freeman and somppi) got a new greeny to train!!! and im super happy about that cause im not the newbie anymore!!!!! haha we took him to the mission leaders house for dinner and remember when i told you about my first time there and when freeman teased me and made me eat ridiculous amounts of food? yah well they did that to him too and it felt GREAT to not be the one being teased for once! hahahah sorry thats rude. but true. he's an awesome missionary though and we're excited to have him!
we got TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK! what?!?!!? major blessings. one's name is Gabriela. her husband is a member and we've been trying to track her down for forever and we finally got to meet with her this week. and she says she wants to take the lessons!!! the other one is juan marin. his wife is a member and her name is evelyn. we spend a lot of time with her cause she loves the sisters and feeding us. haha but he started the lessons before but then those missionaries left and so he never finished. but he came to church on sunday and so we asked him if we could start teaching them to him and he said YES!!
so everything here is WONDERFUL! im happy and excited for the holidays coming up! i wish the spirit of the holidays lasted all year but ill enjoy it while its here!!! have a happy week and thanksgiving everyone!! 
Be grateful for all that you have. EVERYTHING is from God.

with all my heart,
Hermana Tantillo

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