Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letter #19: Crazy Week of LIfe

I don't even know where to start this has been the most CRAZY week of life. so ill start off with the biggest news of the week.... sister lima aka mama lima is being emergency transferred tomorrow. I only got her for one week!! :( another sister in the mission is going home sick and so s. lima is being emergency transferred to fill her spot. its super short notice cause we only found out last night and so we'll be running crazy all over the place today trying to get her ready to go. she's been here for over 7 months so shes sad to leave and has a lot of people to say goodbye to.

side story. we were  on our way to start saying bye to people last night and we ran over a huge nail and ended up spending the night on the side of the road changing our tire. one of our investigators, niel, came and helped us though. thank goodness.

 so now it'll be just me and sister carone!! and the other Portuguese sisters we live with too. s. harriss and s. cope. but we're all a little nervous about it cause s lima was sincerely the backbone to this branch. like she did everything. and none of us know how to do it! so we've got a lot to figure out and its going to make for an interesting transfer. haha but we talked to President on the phone and he feels like the missionaries here right now are perfect for the area. so we're going to try to prove him right :)

okay other news... Brockton is awesome. everyone calls it little cape verde. seriously everyone and there mom is from there. haha and most are from the island fogo. I had no idea that that place existed but I am living there practically now so that's cool. and yes. they all speak creole. its so confusing!!! haha cause I don't even know Portuguese that well yet so its hard to tell if I don't understand them because I don't know Portuguese or if I don't understand them cause theyre speaking creole... either way though, pray for me.

one thing that I LOVE about it here though is that the families are HUGE and there are so many kids!! all the kids and teens speak English and they LVOE the missionaries. I didn't realize that revere had so few kids. but everyone here has like ten. and then there 50 closest cousins live next door. everyone here is related. I got to meet most of the branch this week cause we had an Integration Night to get to know all of the recent converts and integrate them into the branch. I met this little boy named Ziggy who has the most insane amount of energy. and then there was this little girl Emma who is like 3 I think. I was sitting and talking to her and then when I left this lady came up to me and was like HOW did you get that girl to talk to you she literally talks to no one ever. so that made me feels sups special haha.

so yah, Brockton is awesome. we visit WAY more people in a day here than we could in Revere and its AMAZING. we are so incredibly busy which feels so good. sister carone is being super helpful with me learning the language. she sits down and listens to me read the book of Mormon out loud to her every day and helps me learn the words.

this week we had a mission wide webinar and the entire mission logged on to watch the Packards give a training online. it was cool! they extended a challenge to each of us to read the entire book of Mormon over the next two transfers. they want us highlighting everything about Christ. His name, His attributes, and His words. I am addicted to this challenge and in love with it. its incredible to read the scriptures that way with such a focus of Christ and His influence in EVERYTHING that is happening.

I love you all!!

sister tantillo

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