Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #17: Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND OF COURSE A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ADORABLE LITTLE SISTER. happy 16th katie!!! no dating until im there to approve of him!
This week we got 4 new investigators!!! cray right? it was awesome! one of them is Carolina who we met on the street randomly last week when we were trying to find one of our members homes. we talked with her and told her that we had a message about Christ and asked if she wanted us to come back to share it. and so a few days later we taught her the first lesson and brought one of our members, Annie Parras, along too! Annie is perfect haha and is the perfect person to bring to lessons because her family converted just a few years ago and is super solid. she's leaving to start her first year at BYU-I after the holidays and so she's spending her spare time right now going out with the missionaries! the lesson was awesome and as we were walking out Annie was like "she's so ready!!!" WE KNOW!! hahaha so im stoked for her.
our other new investigators are a family that hermana vasqueaz (our little pregnant lady) referred to us FOREVER ago and we've been dying to meet! and finally this week we did! actually only sister kemp did because we had two things to be doing and had to go on splits. so kemp went with vasquez to meet this family and set up a time for us to come back. she taught the mom and her two sons while she was there but the dad didnt stay to listen. so hopefully next time we go we can teach all of them together!
so we got hit with another big snowstorm this week. we were headed to juan marin's house to give him the next lesson which we've had planned forever and been super stoked about. but then we got a phone call from sister gomez (our sister training leader) saying to go home right away cause the snow was going to get worse. and then it was looking like they might cancel the christmas conference the next day!! but they didnt!  they divided the conference into two days and half of the mission went on tuesday and then our day to go was wednesday. we started the day at the temple which was beyond perfect. i could have stayed all day. and then we had a devotional with lots of music and speakers and messages about christmas. we ended the day with dinner and zone skits and then they handed out all of our packages from home which was glorious!! THANK YOU FAMILY!!! nothing could have been better than getting notes from all of you. i loved them and i love you.
elder hanberg, our district leader, is going home at the end of this transfer and guess what he gave me??? HIS UKELELE! its this little green on thats been traveling around the mission being passed from missionary to missionary. haah everyones signed it and then passed it on. so now i get to have it for a bit! im gonna make sister hileman teach me how to play. also this week elder somppi gave me a haircut. no joke. well actually kinda haha i was just teasing sister hileman about how my hair is crooked from when she cut it and he was like "Ill fix it!" and grabbed a pair of scissors. and then i think he was surprised that i didnt do anything about taht and just let it happen. hahah but surprisingly my hair  is actually significantly less crooked now.
this sunday was our christmas service at church!! our whole ward is tone deaf so you know how that goes. haha but we did a musical number that blew all of their minds. i played the piano, sister hileman sang, and sister nielson (our roomie) played her violin. we did the first noel and it was awesome! a man came up to me afterwards and told me taht he didnt know taht the piano could sound like that. hahahaha yah... and the day before when i was practicing this little girl came in and sat by me and just watched totally wide eyed. and then i taught her how to play america the beautiful! haha so yep good week :)
i love you all and i hope you are all enjoying this time to be with family and friends!! 
Sister Tantillo

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