Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #12: Transfer Week!

TRANSFER WEEK!!!!! we find out about transfers via text. it came in at 9:30 saturday night! I'm staying here in Revere with Sister Hileman and we're getting another sister and being made into a trio again. and then the english ward is getting two sisters too! so they're going to be living in our apartment with us. we've been cleaning and rearranging like crazyyyy trying to make room for five sisters in our teeny tiny apartment. it works but itll be close! hahah but thats okay cause its fun and they're needed here! Sister Brown has been transferred to merrymack. thats how you say it but definitely not how its spelled.... hahah but yah she's leaving :( ill miss her shes been an awesome trainer for me! elder sousa our little brazilian edler is being transferred too. but elder somppi and freeman are still here.
this week we got to go on splits with our sister training leader. they're the portuguese sisters in cambridge. sister hileman and i went there with sister gomez. and then sister belchoir came to revere to spend the day with hma brown. its a 24 hour split and we just go to all of their appointments and teach together and learn from each other and its great! sister gomez is awesome and she gave us a lot of training and advice. also we were in a PORTUGUESE area! so that was super fun cause i got to use my portuguese that i havent used for the past 5 weeks. oh man i was all sorts of confused! hahhaha half the time i didnt know if what was coming out of my mouth was spanish or port. but eh they seemed to be following along so hopefully things worked out :) but it was fun adn everyone we met with just loved taht i was going to be going to brazil.
we also had zone conference this week and guess who it was with???? ELDER NIELSON!!  aka exclamation point speaker from general conference!!! if you havent seen that talk yet go read or watch it NOW ITS SO GOOD! and if you have go read it again cause its that good. but he came!!!! the conference lasted pretty much all day and it was in one of our chapels here. him and his wife spoke to us and we just got so spiritually uplifted all day.
saturday was a super crazy busy day. we set up for guadalupe and jose's wedding with the elders! it turned out looking pretty okay which is amazing considering that they asked a bunch of missionaries to do the decorating. jose is one of the elder's investigators and he's being baptized in a couple weeks! before the wedding we went to meet up with grandma and grandpa and aunt margaret at dunkin donuts so that we could have some time to talk and catch up! and that was super fun i LOVED that they came to visit me!!! we got to talk for a while and they gave me presents and cookies and soap and all sorts of good stuff because they love me and are too good to me. SO THANKS FAMILY :) YOU'RE THE BEST!! then we headed over to the chapel to help get some last minute things done! Bishop Iverson married them and i was asked to play the piano with zero warning but thankfully that went well cause i could have easily ruined their whole wedding if i messed that one up! haha and then after we went into the gym where we had set up and ate a whole bunch of food and talked and watched people dance. it was an awesome night and a really special treat to be able to see my family :) it meant a lot to me that they made the time to drive all the way to see me!
on sunday we went to the campos family for dinner and brought cindy and andrew (guadalupe and jose's kiddos). theyre a super solid family with three teenagers and so we wanted to bring cindy and andrew to show them a good example of a strong family that is centered around christ. cause we couldve told them all that in a lesson setting but we thought it would be a better idea to show them and then let them realize that thats what they want for themselves too. and it went super well! hermano campos was awesome with andrew and cindy loved the family dinner setting and that everyone was talking and happy and spending time together.
last night we went to the mendoza's to teach them about the plan of salvation. they're a recent convert family so they get to be taught all of the lessons again! they're one of my favorite families here. hma mendoza was so cute haha she told me that i wasnt allowed to get transferred. she worded it "oh youre not going anywhere. no no youre staying here for a long time. with us!" hhaaha so she was happy that her prediction was right and that ill be here for a while longer! they're one of the families that we're going to on thanksgiving. anyways so we got to teach them last night and had a really good discussion with them about life after death. they had a lot of questions and we're going to continue talking about it when we go back of friday.
also yesterday we went to hermana umanzor's house. shes a  single woman in the ward and we go over to her house to read from the scriptures with her because she doesnt know how to read. shes super sweet and she always makes us take food with us when we leave even though she doesnt have very much to give. everyone here i like that. they give us everything they can even if they dont have anything left to give. its very kind and humbling to be with these people.
everything is going well and im loving the work and the people. transfer meeting is tomorrow and then we'll be hitting the ground running to start off this next transfer!! things are looking great and im really excited to still be here in revere!!!
i love you all!!! ill email again on monday :)
con amor,
hermana tantillo

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