Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #15: Splits

this week was super crazy cause we went on splits twice with the portuguese sisters! i stayed in our area both times though. the first time sister kemp went and we got sister adams here with us for the day! shes from utah and has only been here for a couple of weeks. we had an awesome day with her though! we ran into CVS to grab something and met this guy stephen at the cash register. and he told us that he was super impressed by us and our willingness to serve God at this age. and so we started talking to him about what we do and why we're here and he was really interested! so we exchanged numbers and everything and then sent the english sisters over to visit him this week. so im stoked to see what happens with that. its amazing meeting those people with hearts that God has prepared and that have a desire to be closer to Christ. also that night we had our second lesson with our investigator Juan Marin. we taught him the plan of of salvation and it was AWESOME!! he's finally getting all of these questions answered that he's had for years. now its just a matter of accepting the answers that he has recieved and making the change. its super fun teaching him though cause he asks really good questions. and i love the plan of salvation lesson and talking about those deep questions. where did we come from. why are we here. where are we going?

the second split this week was unplanned but sister gomez (our sister training leader) decided that she wanted to have sister hileman for the day too, not just sister kemp. and so hileman went with her and sister kemp and i got to handle this area for a day. we were nervous about it a little cause sister hileman has been here for a while and knows the area super well. and so it was weird not having her to ask questions to. but it went super well and ended up being our most productive day of the week! and my spanish was a lot better than normal that day. I was praying for it to be because i knew that i would have to be talking a lot more without sister hileman here!
we spent a lot of time this week helping sister vasquez, this adorable little pregnant lady, make christmas boxes to put scriptures in to give to the less actives in the ward. shes the lady that we went to her baby shower a couple of weeks ago. and we thought that she didnt like us haha but now she loves us! we think that shes bored and thats why shes decided to do this. but its awesome cause the first thing she thought of to do was misionary work!
so i talked about this a while ago but we have this book called "the power of the everyday missionary" approved to read in this mission because its written by one of the brothers in our mission presidency. and theres a story in it about the revere chapel which is where we meet for church on sunday! its super cool and inspiring and how hard the members here worked to get their building and the faith they had. so if you can find the story its worth reading! 

anyways, sorry that my email this week is kind of short. ill make up for it next week! but i love you all and i hope you're all safe and happy and enjoying the spirit of Christ this time of year.
sister tantillo

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