Thursday, July 17, 2014

Letter #31: Boston Marathon

i just wrote on Wednesday but a surprisingly large amount of stuff has happened! so last sunday we had a zone fast to find new investigators cause its been a little dry around here lately... and guess what? WE HAVE 8 NEW INVESTIGATORS. that's right. life is grand.

three of those include that family that live right behind the church! john, andrea, tyler(8), and Tessa(4). oh my goodness those kids are so cute you have no idea. but theyre sooooo wonderful. they came to church on sunday and after relief society andrea turned to us and basically said that shes not ready for baptism today, but she will be after she learns more. the only road block we've come across so far is that we found out that theyre not actually married.. so we'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. we had an incredible lesson with them this week though. we invited the relief society president and her family to it because they have kids about the same age and they totally hit it off and love each other and its awesome. then they came to church on sunday and then we went over to their house after to read the book of Mormon with them and answer their questions. one thing that they keep saying that i think is so awesome is that theyre impressed by the church because all of the people seem to sincerely WANT to be there and to serve. it seems like more of a blessing than a burden.

one of our other new investigators is Paige. she works at the grocery store that we shop at so that's how we met her. turns out that she knows one of the families in our ward, the olsens, super well though. they walk their dogs together. so we had our first lesson with her in their home and it went SO well. she started crying and told us that she felt so calm and at peace in that moment. it was so touching. she also came to church on sunday and sat with the olsens. unfortunately her work schedule is crazy so she could only stay for the first hour. but it was good!

easter sunday was wonderful! we had a polish dinner with the Blosil fam and then spent the day visiting a bunch of members and sharing a short easter message. it was fun and the members treat us so well! that night we came home and were headed into our apartment when we ran into a woman and her little daughter. we got talking about easter and told her that we had been sharing a message about Christ all day and asked if she was interested in hearing about it. she said yes and so we went into her apartment (two doors down from us) and shared a message with her, her daughter and husband. theyre from india and are leaving this week to be in india for a month. but they want us to teach them again when they get back!

today we started the morning at the temple! what a perfect way to start the day :) it was super good and i got to see a bunch of the old Brockton crew there. also i an into hemana paula from the revere ward! i didn't recognize her at first and she just came up and hugged me and started going off in Spanish and i was so confused at first until i realized who she was! but it was fun to see her and she is too sweet.

then we got to go into boston and watch the boston marathon! it was a gorgeous day and the city was insanely busy. which i loved. we parked at the Cambridge building and then took the T in to boston commons and walked down newbury street with all the shops until we got near the finish line and could see the runners! it was so fun cause people kept yelling at us like "look its the missionaries!" and "hello sisters!" all the Mormons in the city that day made sure to let us know that they were there! we walked so stinking far and our feet were killing and so we treated ourselves to giant burgers before heading back. sister calder was obsessed with finding this one burger joint that she insisted was "just a couple shops farther" but im convinced that this place never existed and finally we settled on a different burger place. several blocks and a few blisters later...

anyways its been a fantastic week!
humility brings blessings.

love you all!

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