Saturday, April 5, 2014

Letter #30: Littleton

transferring areas always makes for a crazy week. starting with transfer meeting which was wednesday night! we had to drive two hours to make it the the chapel that all of the missionaries that are getting transfers meet at. then we have a two hour long meeting where all of the departing missionaries get up and share their testimonies and we welcome all of the new little greenies. sister hileman got a new missionary to train which means that i have a little sister!! shes so cute i love her already. and i got to see sister hileman for the first time since leaving revere! that was purely glorious. i miss her! we're in the same zone now so we'll see each other slightly more often than before. after the meeting ends all chaos breaks loose with everyone trying to say goodbye to each other and get pictures and transfer luggage between the cars. chaos i tell you. 

and then i was with my new companion sister calder! she is 21 and from California and only has a few months left on her mission. she's probably finish her mission here in Littleton! We cover like 12 towns surrounding Littleton here and the area is beautiful! soooooo different than revere and brockton. i tell people where i served before and theyre like oh... this is different for you then! and im like hey, dont hate on my ghetto areas. haha but the people here are wonderful. Sister Packard called a couple of days ago and asked me how my transition is going back into English society and i told her that its been a bit of a culture shock! but little things like dinner manners and shaking peoples hands instead of kissing them on the cheek are slowly coming back to me :) so littleton ward is the biggest ward in the mission and the people here are incredible. very intelligent and very hard working. Borther Holland is in this ward. as in the son of J.R. Holland. we sat in on his sunday school lesson this past sunday. we have two elders serving in this ward with us too. elder ripplinger and elder bringhurst. i havent taken any pictures of anyone or anything yet sorry! youll have a face with the name next week. 

on friday after district meeting we went to lunch with everyone. our sister training leaders are in our district so we got to sit and talk with them. theyre amazing i want to be just like them please. so i was telling them that i was from seattle and one of the sisters was like oh, i know every single stereotype for seattle people. haha so she started listing off all these things that were actually pretty spot on. and she got the biggest kick out of it because apparently i totally fit the seattle stereotype. proud of it though. 

we've been visiting a lot of members this week which is wonderful because i need to get to know everyone! saturday was the general women's broadcast which was incredible. if you havent watched it yet go do that now itll blow your mind. then on sunday night we went to a "voices of zion" concert put on by a choir made up of people from the surrounding area. it was super beautiful. i love music so much it pains me. haha but we were there to help with refreshments and whatnot. 

and thats about it. not too much to report on since transfers made it a short week. i am SO excited for general conference this upcoming weekend! we are so blessed to live in a day where all we have to do is turn on the tv to hear the words of our prophet. I know that he is called of God and leading the church the way Christ himself would if he were on the earth. Don't take this opportunity for granted :) love you all!


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