Thursday, July 17, 2014

Letter #37: My Baby Has Arrived

my baby has arrived! her name is sister francis and she is from good old orem utah. she is another product of the 19 year old age change. and i love her so much already. she is so innocent and like a deer in the headlights and i love it cause thats exactly how i was. i feel like im training myself. we're super similar in a lot of ways. 

but before she got here we were running around like craziness getting sister bringhurst ready to go home! she was in COMPLETE denial up until the very end. funny girl. we got her all packed up and then she sang and shared her testimony at transfer meeting. all of the departing missionaries always get up and give their testimony to reflect on their mission. its always really cool, spiritual, and kinda sad to say goodbye. she did a really good job though. there were SO many going home this transfer. and just as many next transfer! its weird that i actually know the missionaries going home now. before ive been so new to the mission that i would maybe know a couple going home that i had served with. but now i know like all of them and its sad!

anyways enough about that. 3 boys from this ward just got home from their missions and they put on a fireside last night. they all left and returned at the same time and went to 3 different continents speaking 3 different languages. french(france). russian(russia). and chinese (australia). it was really cool and all the youth came which was good for them to see. 

summer is awesome cause everyone is home! but its also kinda hard cause people go out of town a lot. like andrea is gone for the next week and a half so we cant do anything with her until she gets back. and one of our ward missionaries, Rita, is gone for ten days. but the work is good cause all the youth are home now and we can take them out with us a lot! just some obstacles to overcome with people traveling. the weather is beautiful though! a little too hot sometimes and soon itll get worse and just be miserable, but for now its great. we are constantly around water here and its so hard not to be able to go jump in it! especially now since its perfect water weather. and every time we see natalie shes like look at my tan! i just got back from  the beach! oh to be 17 again... haha

We have two new investigators! they live on our floor of our apartment building. His name is Ashok and he has a wife with a name i cant pronounce or spell and a 2year old son. they are from india and we had our first lesson with them and another one tonight! Bishop is coming with us. And  Ashok came to church on sunday and just loved it. we met them in the hallway and he said mentioned how we are always happy and he wants his son to be happy like us. so we told him that its the gospel of jesus christ that makes us so happy! and now he wants to learn all about it :) 

other fantastic thing of the week was getting a picture in front of jon's company truck! its huge and always sitting in their driveway. he's a handyman and does painting and repairs and whatnot. 

i love you all! oh and everyone MUST watch this video! ill put the link it. first of all the website was made and is run by mbm missionaries. most of the articles are written by missionaries serving here. and this video is the voice of our very own president packard! enjoy his brilliance. it will change your life.


-Sister Tantillo

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