Thursday, July 17, 2014

Letter #32: Two Incidents

This week i discovered that my dear companion has a condition. aka a laughing problem. i dont even know how to completely explain to you just how serious this condition is other than the fact that she turns into a complete crazy person. 

We had two incidents where the crazy person came out this week. the first was in front of our investigator!! dear paige was chatting with us and the Elders when Sister Calder completely lost all sanity that has ever existed. the second incident was at dinner with sandra howard (a returning inactive) and sister hansen (this really sweet old lady who is trying to quit smoking). luckily they think we're adorable so the hysterics didnt get to them too much. im not even exaggerating this though. once she starts it doesn't stop!  
Andrea experienced miracles this week! through a lot of intervention from God, everything this week was catered exactly to her needs. we had this big lesson planned with their whole family and another family in the ward. but due to work conflicts and people getting sick all of those plans changed into us having a lesson with just andrea and sister ostaszewski (our relief society president and my favorite woman in the ward). and that lesson was exactly what andrea needed. to have the chance to focus on JUST her and HER needs and answer her questions. she is progressing so quickly! 

then on sunday more divine intervention happened! she wasnt planning on coming to church cause she had a meeting that she couldnt miss. but it got cancelled and she got to come! and im not even kidding you every single talk the entire day was catered DIRECTLY to her. and she knew it! during sacrament meeting she got hit with this wave of the spirit and realizing that the speakers were answering these questions that shes always had. and all three of us started crying and people were staring but we didnt even care because it was beautiful! after church we talked super openly about her getting married to john and getting baptized. she wants it! we just have to help her get there. and we need to help john experience the conversion that andrea had this weekend too. 

i got to go on two exchanges this week! the first was with our sister training leaders. sister calder went to billerica with sister blair and i got to have sister layton for the day here in littleton! they are exact replicas of us and its weird. sister blair=sister calder and sister layton=me. so it was like spending the day with ourselves! and i learned so much from that! the second exchange was last night. there was this big meeting for all of the missionaries leaving in the next 6months to encourage them to finish strong. sister calder and sister hileman had to both go so i got to have sister hilemans companion (sister lewis) here with me for the night! so that we wouldnt have to shut down the area. she's my baby sister here in the mish since we both have the same amazing trainer. 

funniest moment of the week. elder ripplinger got sick and so we were super good sister missionaries/friends and went to the store to get him orange juice and crackers. so we went to deliver it to them and were too lazy to walk it upstairs to them. so elder bringhurst said "thats chill just through it up to me and ill catch it through the window!" we agreed to this (the regret came later) and ended up completely missing and watching the orange juice carton explode against their brick building. and when i say we, i mean me. totally my fault. harder to throw than it looks. 

anyways, the theme of our week has been "if you ask with real intent, you always receive." God wants to speak to us and bless us. 


<3 Sister Tantillo

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