Thursday, July 17, 2014

Letter #38: Sacrifice brings forth Blessings


okay this week has been total craziness. however, i have gained a firm testimony of the phrases "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" and "exact obedience =miracles". as  usual, the last week of the month we are totally out of car miles. because our area is huge and they only give us so many to get by. and so last monday we were doing the math and i was like oh shoot theres no way we're gunna make it and still be able to get everything done. so we texted the ZLs and were like soooo what would happen if we went over? and they said nothing really except that we'd miss out on the miracles. and so that got us determined to do anything possible to be worthy of those miracles! and boy did they come!!

so what we did was we went and picked up our bikes from our investigator, Peter's, house. and then we biked from ayer to littleton. google it. its far. so that took about an hour and a half in the Massachusetts muggy heat. you dont know humid until you come to littleton. and then we proceeded to either walk or bike anywhere within reason for the remainder of the week. and it killed. 

BUT WE DIDNT GO OVER ON OUR MILES. in fact we came out with 40 miles to spare! a complete miracle. we ended up getting rides to places we thought it would be impossible to. and i can so clearly see God's fingerprints all over our week. when we put in the honest effort, in faith, he blessed us tenfold.

and another way He did that, which is totally unrelated, but i think he just threw it in as a bonus gift, was that we got permission from President to go to Boston for the 4th of july firework show!!! we are SO EXCITED!

for p-day we went into Boston and took the train there and back. we met up with several other missionaries (cope,gomez,harris,carone,lima,etc) lots of my favorite people and spent the day at quincy markey and on the freedom trail, the harbor and boston commons. it was a totally perfect day :) 

okay other miracle. which is attatched to a really unfortunate situation. i got pulled over for my first time ever in life. boston cops i tell yah... but it kept tradition cause my trainer got a ticket my first week with her. so i had to break the law somehow in s.francis' first week to carry that on. anyways, so the town lines here are really close together and i didnt realize that the speed limit will drop from 40 to 20 and then back up to 40 within 2 minutes. if that makes sense. haha cause in the cities (the only places ive driven) the speed is constantly whatever the heck you want it to be. but thats not really an excuse, so he pulled me over but the miracle was he only gave a warning! i dont know if i shouldve told that story.. but oh well. its a good one!

we also had the pleasure of going to clean out our elder's old apartment this week. the zone leaders e.batts and e.spears helped us and it was super nasty. i dont know how elders can live like that. we were talking to our old elders, bringhurst and ripplinger, that night and they were like oh yah that was old lobster meat in the sink. two months old! i wanted to puke. 

speaking of which, sister francis has learned the art of eating until you want to puke when members are feeding you. i just smile and tell her i love her and then secretly think about how the portuguese/spanish people feed you a million times more. but thats alright, shes adjusting. she is so stinking adorable and i love her!! we are already best friends. im soo lucky to have such a perfect baby. she met her grandma (s. hileman) and aunt (s.lewis) this weeked when we went to nashua for a fireside. it was so good President Holland put it on and it was about "why i believe". 

this week we also got a super random phone call from president packard! and i always get nervous when the happens because mostly when he calls randomly its for bad news like, youre being emergency transferred! but it was good news this time :) he had just talked to our bishop who had told him how much he loves us and having sisters in the ward and that miracles are happening here (which they are!) and so President called to congratulate us!! it was so nice of both of them!!

alright i think thats all... if i forgot anything ill include it next week! i love you all! and i LOVE my mission :) 

today in our webex mission conference president said something along the lines of "if someone falls out of the boat, dont hit them with the oars." meaning, if someone is struggling, dont be mean or judge them, help them! it will make getting back in the boat a lot easier on them!!

have a great week!

love, sister tantillo

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