Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letter #25: Been out for 6 Months!

so update on my dear sweet companions face... its partially paralyzed on the right side. she got a virus that hit a nerve in her face. so she's been on some serious medicatin all week. she's improving though and starting to get some motion back. it never stopped moving completely, but it was still pretty bad. we caught it in time though and so it wasnt anything too serious. and we're lucky enough to have a senior missioary in our branch who is a doctor and keeping an eye on her! i've been in charge of watching her 24/7 though to see if its getting better or worse so that i can report back to the mission doctor.

so for the first couple of days when she was on the most medication sister carone couldnt really go out. she was physically fine... just kinda loopy and not in the right frame of mind to teach. and sister harris was sick with the cold so sister cope and i got to go conquer brockton together! it was super fun and we were all over the place trying to see the people that both of us needed to see. i took her to meet Lena, who is now our new investigator! she's a referral from alice, a woman in the branch. and she's super sweet and in her 60s and showed us all of the pictures of her grandkids. but the best thing about lena is that she is in the catering business and therefore LOVES to feed us with lots of good food!

this week we spent a bit of time in the car shop. there are these devilish things called potholes all over this town. and sister harris hit one hard this week and dented our tire rim. haha so we had to take care of getting that fixed. our poor car. its pretty ancient and we're always having problems with it. that one was our fault though...

saturday was the best day ever!! literally not a single thing that we had planned fell through. and that NEVER happens!! it was wondeful! we spent the whole day visiting all of our investigators and they were all home! Za had gone missing for the whole week and her phone wasnt working. and we cant just knock on her door because she lives on the third story and her doorbell is broken. so we decided to go anyways and just bang on the door until somebody/anybody opened it. and she happened to be looking out her window and just the perfect moment and saw us pull up!!! turns out that she had gotten a leak in her cieling and the water spilled straight onto her phone and so its not working. but now we're back in contact with her and she came to church with her two adorable little girls. that was just one of the miracles that happened that day!

today district soccer was a bit of a disaster... im blaming it on the fact that it was the first time the brazilians came to play. elder carvalho and elder vargas. everyone got hurt! elder lopes sprained his ankle and elder starley got slammed in teh face and his glasses snapped in half. so that was unfortunate.

well thats about it for this week! i love you all!!

com amor,

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  1. Ah, potholes. They're everywhere. Sometimes they're bunched up together so you can avoid them. I don't want to put my car in the same predicament. How "ancient" is this car of yours? Either way, no matter how old it is, it seems to be taking everything the road has to offer like a pro. Are you considering replacing your car in the near future?
    Taleen Kizirian @