Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letter #23: Big Week Here!

hello everyone!!! its been anther big and wonderful week here! okay starting from where i left off..

tuesday we had interviews with President Packard so we were at the church pretty much all day for that. the assistants gave us a training while he took turns interviewing each of us. President is absolutely amazing. We just talked for a little bit and he made sure i was doing okay and then he read my the most perfect scripture, prayed for me, told me to keep up the good work, and sent me on my way! so yep that was super good. oh also!! HE QUOTED HARRY POTTER. bahahahah best mission president ever. he ended the interview asking "is there something... you wish to tell me?" made my life. 

tuesday night we went to our investigator Aurizandra's house because we've been wanting to teach her 11 year old son. his name is Daenilson and he's been coming to church and loving it. and so we gave him a lesson and at the end asked him if he wanted to be baptized on March 8th and he said yes!! he is so adorable and i have so much love for him. His mom has a super strong testimony and wants to get baptized too but has complications with the man she is dating. every cape verdean lady has man problems actually. she's living with this man that she's been with for a while and they would get married and that would solve that problem except for he just  married his cousin to get her citizenship... and so they have to be married for three years for that. which delays the whole baptism thing a bit. super complicated but we're hoping she decidces to move out soon. BUT DANILSON IS AWESOME. 

wednesday was a red dot day because new england is constantly being attacked by snow.

thursday our car died. twice. so that slowed down the day a bit cause we had to get it fixed. we had a good lesson with our investigator Jr. though. he's 14 and the one that we share with the elders. lessons with him are fun cause we bring other kids his age and have really cool discussions about the scriptures. 

friday. today our new senior couple came!! the Millers! they're from Idaho and were in a spanish ward there. so now they get to make the switch over to portuguese! theyre adorable. Elder Miller is a doctor and served his mission in Brazil. so the Portuguese will come back to him quick! and sister Miller is the most fragile and sweet woman. we also saw Toni/ Toi/ Antonio that day (we call him all of those sorry its confusing) since it was the day before his baptism! taught him about the priesthood and service. 

SATURDAY aka TONI's BAPTISM DAY. sister carone and i spent the day at the church filling the font and setting up and doing the program. i was so nervous! i wanted everything to be just perfect for him! haha it took us THREE TRIES to fill the font. the first time we almost flooded the church. and the water was cold. the second time the water was freezing. and the third time we finally humbled ourselves and asked the elders how to do it right. everthing went smooth after that though. people came and he was happy and his wife was SO HAPPY and his two little boys were excited to be there. Pedrito (our branch mission leader) baptized him and then Tomas spoke and welcomed him to the branch. President K spoke too. it was all super good. i played the piano for the muscial number too. Toni asked me like five times if i would haha so i did. 

also saturday night... TRANSFER TEXT. so here it is. IM STAYING WITH SISTER CARONE! whoop whoop!! super relieved about that one. the other sisters are staying too! we all thought sister harris would leave but nope! we get her still! the elders are having a change up though. elder maldonado (our district leader) is being transferred out and will be a zone leader in a different area. he's been here for a while and is super bummed to leave. also elder christensen is leaving and will be working in the digital mission which is perfect for him because now being sick wont stop him from being able to do missionary work as much. so we're excited for him. we'll get two new elders to replace them this week so ill tell youabout that next time! GUESS WHAT?? MY (mission) MOM AND DAD ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER!! thats right. sister hileman and sister brown reunited. i was super excited to hear about that cause theyre going to be incredible together again. 

sunday Toni was confirmed and i got to sit with his family through sacrament meeting cause sister carone was giving a talk and had to sit on the stand. his boys are the most well behaved kids in the branch haha. 

not a whole ton has happened since then so far. but i talked to sister hileman on the phone and she said that cindy has been going to church every week since i left! i dont know if you remember her. my sweet little less active (not anymore) cindy that always called me miley cyrus. AND even more good news! her boyfriend got baptized this past sunday! so im really happy for her. speaking of the miley thing. one of the young woman here calls me vampire. which is not an improved nickname from miley. sorry im like really really white. 

oh i almost forgot about one more thing! yesterday we went to  Alice's house to meet her friend Lena and she wants to come to church and learn more about the gospel! so shes our new investigator! Za is doing really well. we saw her yesterday too and talked about the atonement. she has a lot of faith but is trying to get through her own man problems too. 

anyways i think thats it for this week.. all that i can remember at least. i love you all!! and happy valentines day! 

com amor,

sister tantillo

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