Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letter #24: Short Email this week

this email might be a little shorter than the norm because its only been a few days since I emailed last. but the first thing im going to talk about is directed to my dearest father. the rest of you can listen in though. dear dad, I forgive you for not taking me to florida yet to see harry potter world. because this week I got a letter from Maddie eagar informing me that they are EXPANDING and its going to be BIGGER AND BETTER!!! and so this makes it okay that we have not gone yet because by the time I get back it will be ready for us and we can go tot the new and improved version of harry potter world!! which we would have missed if we had gone previously. so save your pennies popsicle its a date :)

okay back to Brockton. this week we got hit by Quitus. they decided to name the strom this time. don't know why its called Quitus but why not I guess. our power didn't go out even though I was praying that it would because I love power outages. everyone else was relieved about that though. it hit on Saturday but all was good again by morning and church didn't get cancelled thankfully.

so sister carone is having some medical issues. yesterday we noticed that the right side of her face was drooping a little bit and not really working very well. this morning it got worse so we called the doctor and he's put her on steroids. when she raises her eyebrows only one goes up and when she smiles its this adorable little half smile cause one side doesn't move. the doctor is coming today to look at her though and find out what else we can do. slash what caused it cause we have no idea. so ill let you know what happens with that.

elder Maldonado and Christensen left this week which was pretty sad. but we got in a shipment of our new elders! elder vargus and carvalho (new district leader). theyre both from brasil!! theyre super good missionaries and we're excited to have them here.

have I told you about cape Verdean head wraps yet? basically its a scarf wrapped around your head a few times and tied in a knot at the top. and sister harris and cope sleep with them on their heads every night because this cape Verdean lady told them that it relieves stress and makes for a better night sleep. they look ridiculous but everyone here wears them when its cold outside cause it helps with that too I guess.

also have I told you about GuGu? we went to visit him this week! he was the first person baptized in cape verde and now he lives here and is less active but doesn't think that he is so we have to remind him that not coming to church means being less active. he's been coming recently though which is good!

lets see what else... Za is doing well but hasn't been able to come to church recently cause she keeps getting sick. we've been seeing aurizandra and her son daenielson a lot recently and he's still my favorite. we're not supposed to have favorite investigators but sorry its him. he reminids me a lot of Michael so I think that's why. he's a stud.

that's it for this week! spiritual thought of the week provided by sister carone: "the Lord always provides the way." I love you all :)

sister tantillo

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