Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letter #21: Wonderful Package

I GOT THE MOST WONDERFUL PACKAGE FROM MY MOST WONDERFUL FAMILY IN THE MAIL THIS WEEK THANK YOU. seriously that was as good as christmas. THANK YOU! i LOVED the pictures of dad they are hilarious and awesome. i put a different one in each of my sets of scriptures so that i can look at them often. 

This week we did a ton of service which was aweseome! we have our usually weekly service for a couple hours every tuesday at the food shelter. i really like working there and most of the time i sneak them extra food because the lady that runs the place there is super strict about it and it breaks my heart so i give them an extra can of carrots sometimes. also this week we spent a lot of time helping one of our members AnaPaula with her BYU-I online homework. english is her second language so we help explain to her what its asking and teach her the math problems and what not. its fun! and she always insists on sending us home with food of course. we also helped a member do her taxes and another member fill out a form for her son's school. just stuff like that that the members need help understanding the english for. and we're here to help! oh and we also helped one of our investigators Aurizandra move apartments. funny story about that. we've been trying to help her decide to not live with her boyfriend anymore who is also the father of her son. but she hasnt been able to make the decision yet. and so by helping her move apartments i mean we helped her more in with her boyfriend which we've been trying to teach her not to do so that she can be baptized. which she wants so thats really the only thing holding her up. it was just kinda ironic that of all people the missionaries helped her move in. but she asked for help so what are ya gunna do.

also this week like every single appointment that we planned got cancelled. but things get cancelled and then miracles happen! we met with our investigator Toni a lot this week and his baptism day is coming up quick! we have a lot to teach him before then but he's ready and we're SO EXCITED FOR HIM. His wife got back from cape verde so she's been able to be at the lessons now which is perfect cause she's a member. last time we went we read through the baptism questions with him. he's super solid and the only question he had at the end is "will the water be cold?" we've also been spending a lot of time with Danessa. the girl that we randomly found last week that hasnt been coming to church but got baptized a couple years ago. we worked on memorizing the articles of faith with her for primary and taught her the plan of salvation. shes super funny and has SO MANY QUESTIONS. seriously it takes like an hour to get through one thing. but we love her so thats okay. 

people here are starting to get excited about the world cup!! its like the main topic of every single dinner conversation now haha. oh also this week we DID have a lot of snow. we got red dotted again on tuesday night i think it was? cant remember. but yah thats life here in new england. but you dont have to worry about being safe on the roads. they keep us off of them if they get bad and the city is really good about clearing them quickly. 

sister carone and i are doing awesome too. she's so funny i should start writing down all the random things she says. also she's addicted to chocolate. like sincerely addicted she pours hershey chocolate syrup into her mouth to get her fix.

so yah thats life this week. thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. i appreciate it!

love you all,

sister tantillo

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