Saturday, April 5, 2014

Letter #28: Sun Came Out

a miraculous thing happened this week called the sun came out!! it broke 50 degrees and for us that was good enough to be outside walking! it was pretty funny actually it was like all of the sudden the town exploded and everyone was out on the streets in tshirts playing basketball or walking to the store. but it made everything so much more fun cause we got to ditch the car and join them. its so much easier to talk to people when their not running from place to place to get out of the cold. or more like not even leaving their houses in the first place. so we had a couple good days like that and then it snowed again. haha but it was wonderful while it lasted.

we've had a million member lessons this week because all of our investigators either have gotten baptized (YAY!), disappeard (it happens), or arent progressing. we went to go see Jayla who is 13 and offered to help her with her personal progress. and she was like yes please help me! haha her parents are super solid but her mom converted to the church as an adult so she never did personal progress. therefore jayla doesnt really have someone in the home to help show her how to do it. thats the case for almost all of the young women here actually. so we went and helped her make some goals and plan out her next couple of activities.

also this week we had my all time favorite lesson that i have been in so far. it was on wednesday and i had sister gomez here because she is my sister training leader and was doing exchanges with us. sister carone went to cambride with sister melo for the day. so i got to take sister gomez with me! i love her. anyways back to my favorte lesson ever. i talked about cindy a couple of weeks ago. she's a yw in the branch too and just turned 16. and a couple of weeks ago she got out of the hospital where she had been for a few weeks trying to recover from some psychological problems she was having. we dont know the details, just taht she was being bullied a lot and amongst other things it pushed her over the edge. so i had been thinking about her a lot and s. carone and i decided that what she really needed more than anything was a lesson on the atonement of christ. so that day with s gomez we went and shared with her 2 nephi 9:18 and talked to her about carrying our crosses. and that we all have crosses to carry but through the atoning power of christ, that burden can be lifted. we also shared the story of zeezrom in alma 15 and talked about what it meant to have the power to be healed and how joyous it feels to allow the atonement to work through you and heal you from those burdens. at the end she started crying and told us that she felt like that story was exactly her and what she just went through. it was so tender and the spirit was incredible. she's an amazing girl.

at the end of exchanges we drove back to cambridge to do the switch back. i was tempted to take a wrong turn on the way home so that we could detour through revere! haha but that wouldve made us superrrrrr late for curfew so i resisted. but guess what!? elder freeman got his visa to brasil this week! he's been here forever! but s kemp called and told me the news and that he's leaving at the end of the month! he turned in all his fingerprint stuff the same time i did, but he's been waiting a few months longer. super excited for him thouh! he's been in the spanish program this whole time and doesnt know any portuguese though... totally fluent in spanish.

okay time for the highlight of the week. WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE WITH ZA! it was exactly one week after her baptism which was incredible. it was the stake relief society trip and so the baptismal session started at 8AM. there were several women from our branch that went and it was perfect. the absolute best thing that we could have done with her. Daniella is this amazing woman in our branch who Za has become good friends with and she took care of her the whole time and showed her what to do and everything. it was so special to be in the temple. funny thing though.. so za has really bad back problems that she has to do phsyical therapy for. and she through it out pretty bad at the temple and so she was in too much pain to come to church the next day. so that was unfortunate...

so heres what i learned this week. sister carone and i were having this really good talk about time. because people are always giving us the excuse taht they dont have enough time. not enough time for church or scriptures or prayer. basically, not enough time for christ. and we decided taht thats just ridiculous. all we have is time!! literally nothing else. the thing thats wrong is how we're deciding to USE our time. we all HAVE time. we're just choosing not to spend it on the things that REALLY matter. it's amazing though when we decide to put Christ first in our life how everything else falls into place.

i love you all! have a good week :)

sister tantillo

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