Saturday, April 5, 2014


TRANSFERRED. okay so im going to tell you what actually ended up happening and then the crazy story behind it. I'm being transferred to Littleton to be companions with sister calder. english speaking. so at this rate ill be spending 3 months in every language. probably next will be Haitian creole and then ill have exhausted all of the options that this mission has to offer language wise. 

so here's how transfers went down. earlier in the week we got a text from president saying that transfer text was going to come out on friday at 1PM instead of saturday at 9PM. and also that transfer meeting would be a day earlier too. as in today. which is why today is crazy nuts running all over the place because we have to leave a few hours early to make it to transfer meeting, which is cutting our p day super short. also we have to pack. lots and lots of packing.

anyways, so on friday we had district meeting and then right after t-text came so we were all together to read it. so heres the change ups.
sister cope is going to open and area in dorchester with sister gomez. aka the gomezster. 
sister carone is going to southcoast to be companions with sister wake and theyll be in a zebra area. as in half portuguese half spanish.
elder starley is going back to the area he started his mission in (central falls) and will probably end his mish there. 
sister hileman over in nashua is getting a new missionary to train so ill have a baby sister!! 
everyone else in the district is staying. 

why wasnt i on transfer text you may ask? because i didnt find out i was leaving until monday!! on friday the plan was that i was going to stay here with sister harris and we would get sister belchoir here too to be in a trio. that changed. 

we were at the millers house monday morning cause they wanted to cook us all one last meal before they all peaced out. so we were sitting around eating and talking and what not when president packard calls! and thats always a scary thing. so sister carone answers and then hands it over to me and i was like oh man.... hi president. and then he explained to me that a sister has gotten sick in another area and that im needed to go fill her space over in littleton. and bada-bing-bada-boom thats where im going! 

its been crazy the last two days after that trying to run around and say goodbye to everyone. cause they only think that s carone s cope and elder starley were leaving since thats all we knew so far on sunday. so ive gotten less time to say goodbye. but thats okay i think ive been able to see most everyone that i need to. saying goodbye is the worst though i was so tempted to just sneak out without telling anyone! haha but they wouldve been mad/sad so i went to say my goodbyes. 

alright so thats transfer news. im outa time cause like i said, the day is short and theres a lot to do today! 
ill be back on on monday and ill let you know how things in my new area go! 
love you all!

sister tantillo

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