Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Boston for the Day

alrighty lets start way back at monday. we went into boston for the day! we met up with sister cope and sister roman and got to walk around the city all day long on a beautiful boston day! can life get any better? 
this week my doctor told me that im not allowed to do things that will get my heart rate higher than it already is.... so that doesnt really jive very well with missionary work. i tried to protest, but the other sisters i live with insisted that i rest as much as possible! which made for a not very eventful week for me. basically they would take turns staying with me so i could sleep. i wouldve complained more and insisted that i go to every lesson we had! but i was submissive and let them take care of me. it must have worked because im feeling significantly better! 

on wednesday however there was no time for rest because i got to go on exchanges with sister nielson! she was companions with sister francis (my trainee) in the mtc! so i got to spend the day in worcester with her. exchanges are awesome cause we get to learn from so many different sisters. especially as an STL cause i get to go on 5 a transfer! 

friday night was incredible. we got to go to Belmont to teach a family that sister sorensen knows. the dad isnt a member, but has been going to church for several years. we were asked to go to see if there was anything we could help them with. and it turned out to be one of the most spirit filled nights of my mission. It was so strong and peaceful. He's a scientist and for the spiritual thought we talked about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today. and we compared it to the scripture "all things denote there is a God..." saying that we can find God anywhere. in science, in nature, in our relationships, everywhere. 

on Saturday we had another exchange.  i went with the portable visitor center sister to a baptism in franklin. we set up the displays and then got to watch an adorable 8 year old enter into the waters of baptism and make that covenent with God. which is always something special to witness. 

sunday was the best day of the week!! church was fantastic as always. i continue to fulfill my duty as sacrament pianist. right after church we left for Hartford Connecticut! which ended up being about 2 hours from us with traffic. there was another Joseph Smith fireside that we got to go to. "What the World Knows because of Joseph Smith". President Packards talks about his experience growing up as a boy in Texas. When it was normal for kids to pull out their Bibles at lunch and talk gospel. He says that one day another kid asked him, "what does the world know because of Joseph Smith?" and so President spends an hour at these firesides answering that question. Some of the main questions that can be answered through the restoration of the gospel in these days include..
How do we communicate with God, and how does He with us?
What is the purpose of life?
What happens to those who die without ever hearing about Jesus?
What happens after we die?
Are we saved by grace, works, or both?
Where is God's church?
President Packard shared a story about when he was on his mission. He said that one day he shared the Joseph Smith story with a preacher.  His response was "Boy, if thats true, thats the most important event since the resurrection of Jesus Christ." To which President said ,"Well why do you think i quit my job, left my school and family, and paid my way here to tell it to you?"
The thing that stands out to most to me of the knowledge we have from the gospel of Jesus Christ, is the venue of revelation. That God has not ceased communication. That He speaks! That prayer is not a soliloquy, its a dialogue. That I know that I can get down on my knees and ask God anything, what should I major in? how can I better serve my family? Is this church true? and i can know that He will answer me! and that He does so because I am His daughter, and He loves me. 

At the fireside this weekend I recieved the tender mercy to be able to sit next to Julie. Julie is 35 and is currently investigating the church. She has been through a lot and is searching for truth. She had never heard the story of Joseph Smith, but got to hear it from the mouth of President Packard. at the end of the fireside i asked her how she felt. we both were in tears as she told me "i've never felt this way. i feel so warm, peaceful, and happy! i promise these are happy tears!" I told her that I knew that what she was feeling was God speaking to her, and that He loves her.

alright thats all i have time for today! thank you so much for all of your prayers! im getting better and the medicine is finally starting to make a difference! so thank you!

i love you all!!!

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