Friday, August 22, 2014

Goodbye to Littleton

i dont even know where to start with the craziness of this week.. 
the beginning of the week was spent with cleaning, packing, and running around saying goodbye to all of Littleton. which was so sad goodbyes are the worste! wednesday was transfer meeting. sister francis and i wore matching dresses because we randomly had the same one :) everyone thought that was pretty funny. transfer meeting was long because we had 31 missionares going home and they all gave their departing testimonies. i cried through the entire things. like not one glistening tear, full out crying the entire time. because my family is going home! everyone that i have served with so far is leaving. my trainers, sisters brown and hileman. my first STL, sister gomez. and SO many others that i have come to love so much. so that was hard for me. we sat next to sister hope and she cried through it all too. so that made me feel better that i wasnt the only one sitting there crying my soul out. but anyone that knows me knows that its not weird for me to be the only one crying. 
after the meeting was the usual chaos. everyone saying goodbyes, getting pictures, and getting our luggage where it needed to be. i eventually found sister sorensen and we headed to my new home in westborough! 
so about my new area. there are 10 misisonaries here that cover the 2 wards - framingham/marlborough. we all live in the same appartment complex. sister sorensen and i cover the portuguese and spanish. but there's a set of elders for each too. we go to 6 hours of church because we have to be at both wards since SP meets with one and PO with the other. 
im happy cause there are a TON of brazilians here!!! YAY! they make us yummy food :)
sister sorensen is my new companion and she is totally perfect. this is her last transfer so once again ill only have a companion for 6 weeks. but thats okay! I LOVE HER. 
this area is also awesome cause we get to do successful street contacting again! in littleton literally no one would talk to us, but here everyone does! even if theyre not interested theyre still nice. so thats really refreshing.
i also get to have roommates again which is the best thing ever! sister asay is a new missionary. and sister lee i knew at byu. we had communications class together and one day in class she told me not to serve a mission.... :) she's so funny i love her. 
theres this really cool couple here - the Pumas. He's our branch mission leader and his wife is pregnant as can be. theyre super cool and funny. im excited to work with them!
sorry this email is way all over them place. i keep stopping and then coming back to it and so it doesnt make any sense. basically im really happy in my new area and with my new companion but theres not a ton to say cause its only been a few days here! 
this week we have Mission Leadership Conference with the Packards and zone meeting. the at the end of the week we are spending the weekend in Pitsburg. We were going there anyways to go the a joseph smith fireside on saturday because sisster sorensen is in charge of the music program. so President invited us to come a day early and go to the Boston Pops Symphony with their family on friday. we're way excited for that!! so we'll be spending the weekend there!

my mission means everything to me. this gospel means everything to me. it gives me purpose. it gives me hope and faith and peace. it brings me joy and fills me with the love of Christ. because of that, i KNOW that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

<3 sister tantilllo

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