Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Miracle Appointment

i dont know what to say about this week... it was weird. i got a miracle last minute appointment at MassGeneral Hospital and my new doctor is a million bajillion times better. he is going to fix me! so im pretty stoked about that. he says that my best option is to get surgery and have my thyroid taken out. bada-bing-bada-boom. the grave's will be gone. so i like that option. hopefully ill be able to wait a few more months until i get home before i have to have the surgery, but if i have to have it while im still on my mission it'll still work out just fine. im just happy to have a solution to my probelms finally! 

we've eaten a lot this week.. one night we had a brazilian dinner scheduled with the Bentos. I always love going there and they feed us a TON. which wouldve been fine except our investigator, Joame, texted us a few hours before and invited us over for pizza. i panicked, my fear of saying no returned, and we had two dinners that night. my companions were super happy with me. 

i made it up to them though at a later dinner in the week. At Nereida's house where she fed us squid. yes. squid. dear sweet sister cope does not like squid. so who had to eat her entire helping of it?? ME. i wanted to die. Hermana Quezada was there too. she always comes up to me, gives me the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek, calls me a flaquita, and asks me why i havent eaten anything all week while grabbing me by the rib cage. its a great tradition. 

on wednesday we decided to drop in on Alice and Amelio. Who promptly whipped out a three course meal with dessert. theyre good to us. we read a chapter of the Book of Mormon all together before we left and it had this warm comfortable feeling about it. sitting around the kitchen table with family reading scripture. i love it.

another highlight of my life right now are Joame and Gabby. THEYRE PERFECT. and the little boy, Geovani, who thinks he is my boyfriend. but thats okay he's only 4. they really are the most perfect family though. i love meeting people that have such a sincere desire to be closer to God and to change. theyre so pure and humble and i wish i could be more like them.

on saturday my family came to visit!! we got to spend a few hours together so we went to a seafood restaurant and then a chocolate shop. i love my family :) it was so good to be with them and i have the best mission president in the whole world for letting them come see me!! 

okay let me give you a rundown of the missionaries im serving with right now.. theyre all nuts.
Elder Johnson: the district leader. gluten free. leaving in 4 days/trunky. talks like a brazilian in even when speaking english. 
Elder Brown: visa waiter. hasnt yet accepted that he will never get his visa (just kidding i hope he does). really quiet and probably thinks we're all done.
Elder Henrie: zone leader. only ever said offensive things. 5 year old. 
Elder Orton: zone leader. nicest person in the mission. the only normal one/our only hope
Elder Catalan: the guatemalan. most everything is lost in translation. good at soccer.
Elder Pennington: the child. can't focus for longer than 2 minutes. is jealous of our portuguese.
Sister Watts: the perfectionist. her closet is like a movie. the icon of pinterest.
Sister Lee: the asian. more specifically, the korean. crazy. loud. funny. 
Sister Cope: violent. eats a lot. bullied me into being her best friend. 
Sister Goncalves: the Brazilian Saint. i dont know how she puts up with any of us.

just so you can have a taste of what im living with right now. 
alrighty thats all i have time for this week. LOVE YOU ALL! 

-Sister Tantillo

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