Friday, August 22, 2014


Its been another wonderful week in the MBM! 

Last Monday we went up to Nashua for a BBQ with several other missioanries. the Elders had a grand old time trying to force us to eat all of their food. They made us hispanic corn = mayonnaise and chili powder. rach wouldve hated it. also it was sister lewis' birthday last week and mine is this week so a couple of the elders made us a birthday cake. it was totally gross and i dont even want to know what they put in it. but they sang to both us of and made us take a bite. 

This past weekend a kid that Sister Carone and I taught in Brockton got baptized! and nobody bothered to tell us!! We found out whent the mission sent out a text saying everyone that had gotten baptized this week and we were like "Junior? like our Junior? the kid that made us cry and loose sleep over Junior? yes that Junior". so that was kinda sad cause we totally wouldve gone back and see him get baptized since we taught him for so long! but i was als SO HAPPY that he finally decided to get baptized! he was supposed to while we were there and then decided to stop coming to church ever. so im happy that that all worked out. 

We also had return and report this week! its an all day conference with the Packards that the trainers and trainees come to to return and report on how their mission has been going so far and to make sure us trainers are taking good care of them. We met in Belmont and got to listen to the Packards for hours. which is one of my favorite things to do! We carpooled with the Billerica Elders. Elder Espinola is the new missionary and he is from Paraguay and is learning English. Elder Broadhead is his trainer and he made us listen to country-gospel music the whole drive there. 

We had a tornado this week! (dont freak out mom). we were visiting with an older lady in our ward, anna mason, when we got a text from our zone leaders saying that a tornado had been spotted and to find shelter immediately and not leave. so we stayed in anna masons tiny little apartment and talked with her for 2 hours while we waiting for the storm to leave. we could barely hear her little voice over the thunder! 

We've spent a  lot of time with Barbara this week. i love her so much. she is trying to track down the missionaries that taught her when she first joined the church 50 years ago. so we're calling every bishop in mesa and boise to see if anyone has records of them living there then. not much success so far but we soooo badly want to help her find them! 

We had a Brazilian dinner this week! it made me so happy! it was with the Abreu family in our ward who are from brasil. They have the cutest little daughter who is so confused right now between portuguese and english and says half of each sentence in either one. its funny. 

Natalie and the rest of the youth went to youth conference this week and had a really great time! We had a lesson with Andrea and Sister Peterson came with us. Peter is still camping/fasting and hopefully will come back soon! We're going on exchanges with our sister training leaders tonight. i get to go to billerica and sister francis gets to lead this area! she'll do great! we have the entire day planned for her so she wont have to worry about a thing! and then we have zone conference in lowell on wednesday with the packards. 

we find out about transfers this friday and i'm most likely being transferred. we have a shortage of portuguese sisters because three are going home and the ones that were supposed to replace them got delayed with coming. so ill most likely be transferred back to portuguese to help fill in those empty spots. ill let you know though! 

love you all and have a great week!

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