Sunday, November 3, 2013

Letter #8: Boston week TWO

So im super not happy with myself right now cause i had everything all written out that i wanted to tell you about and i left it on my desk back at the apartment!!! dang it! so this is going to be all over the place and hopefully make sense. but eh thats what these emails are usually like so its all good. ill answer some of your questions first mom. but there were like a million of them haha so... yah. yes portuguese and spanish are kinda sorta similar. like the verbs are the same and sentence structure but EVERYTHING is pronounced differently. so thats what im struggling with. also its like i dont even really know portuguese hardly at all so that doesnt really help anyways. haha but im not worried about it! things are good and im doing what i can and the Lord makes up for the rest. and actually a lot of what we do is in english cause even though the people are spanish speaking and would go to the spanish ward here most of them prefer to speak in english with us during lessons. also im doing well with understanding spanish its just speaking it is where i kinda get stuck haha. but my companions are super patient and awesome about it. 
My clothes and shoes and everything are great mom thanks!! no worries :) i havent gotten a warmer coat yet cause it hasnt gotten that cold yet. and i might not need to the one you sent is really great and we have a car so i think thatll be just perfect for the winter! 
We get fed for most of our dinners so no we dont cook a ton. but guess what?!? Hermana Hileman makes pancakes for breakfast on sundays!!!!! JUST LIKE HOME! hahah that made me so happy! i told her that my mom does that too and she was like oh man destiny that i would be your missionary mom then. so yah we have pancake sundays :) also i dont remember if i told you this already but if not im telling you again. but a family in the ward here owns a bakery and we go once a week and they give us free bread and its the most wonderful thing of life! now that im writing about it though im pretty sure i already told you about it. but thats okay cause its that good it deserves to be talked about twice. 
The primary program was yesterday!! hermana hileman and i ended up playing all of the songs together cause we decided that was way less stressful. so she played the right hand and i played the left. it was super fun and the kids were SO CUTE and excited about it. thankfully we managed to get through all of the songs without messing up. and then we went to primary after and they gave us cake and icecream and life was great. 
So coolest experience of the week was our appointment with this lady. Sheis  in college and is a less active member. her mom and soon to be step dad (who is also getting baptized soon!!!!!) are worried about her and so are we. she's kinda at the point in life where she can either go right or left and its time to decide and so we're trying to help her make the right choice! she's really a sweet girl and on saturday we went and had a super long talk with her and her parents. we taught her about how all of our choices have consequences and that sometimes making the right choice is harder but that its always worth it and we will be blessed and Christ will carry our burdens. and it went super well and afterwards i hugged her and she said she would come to church which would be for the first time in about a month. she said "see you tomorrow miley cyrus!" cause apparently she thinks i look like her... not sure how i feel about that. anyways so i was super pumped leaving that appointment and i was like YES she's back on track shes gonna do great this is awesome! and then the next day she completely broke my heart and didnt come to church :( so we're gonna go see her either tonight or tomorrow and find out whats up and try to see what we can do. 
Sunday night we went to dinner at the Mendoza family house with the elders. theyre super fun and recently joined the church and super excited about everything! i love them. so we taught them about keeping the sabbath day holy cause they dont. haha i dont think anyone has ever explained it to them cause they sincerely dont know that theyre not supposed to be doing those things. so hermana brown did this awesome object lesson where she made an ice cream sundae and put lots of good things on it to represent the good things we do on sunday. and then she starts adding like ketchup and mustard and hair and dirt to it to represent the bad things we can do on sunday. and then she was like "you dont want to ruin a good sunday!" hahah great punch line and they totally loved it. and it got the point across really well and it helped their two kids get it too. 
umm this is killing me cause i know im forgetting something that i wanted to tell you about!! shoot. oh haha hermana hileman gets lost ALL THE TIME. like seriously you thought i was bad! she's worse. today we were trying to go to the market and she made a couple wrong turns and before we knew it we were on the bridge headed into downtown boston! hahhaha but i was happy cause we got to ride over the bridge and see the water :) also guess what? we can listen to music in our car and hookup our ipods and it makes me happier then anything because we rock out to efy music in a super wholesome way. 
Okay i guess ill update you on the things that i know i forgot about next week! sorry about that... umm dad i hope you had a good time in dallas and made it home safe!!! thanks for the picture from the eastlake game. glad that you've got that eastlake pride going strong :) and thanks for telling me about your week i love hearing about it!! i got a letter from katie and michael this week so THANK YOU!!!! i wrote you both back so thatll be coming your way. i love you all! 
sending all of my love,

sister tantillo

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