Sunday, November 17, 2013

Letter #10: Adventures of Halloween

BOSTON UPDATE TIME! hey guess who won the world series??? THE REDSOX!!! in case you didnt know. hahah actually the whole world found out before we did but people went nuts. also President Obama was here this past week and the Elders saw him just on the streets of boston! so that was cool. and wanna know what else ive noticed about this place? the number of dunkin dohnuts here is equal to the number of starbucks in seattle. five on every corner. actually it might even have seattle beat there are so many!

i got a package from my family this week!!! THANK YOU!! oh my goodness it was so perfect i cant even tell you. the sweat and scarf are so adorable and ive worn them both a million times. it came on monday and then we had FHE that night with one of the families in the ward and so i brought the candy you sent and they loved that. so this family is awesone. Guadalupe is the mom and shes getting married in a couple of weeks to Jose. and then Jose is getting baptized teh week after that! there are two kids, cindy and andrew. we've been working with cindy because she's become less active. but during that FHE her boyfriend was there and after we left they got into this huge fight because he's muslim and didnt like that we came and basically started dissing our religion and telling cindy that she should never go back. and she was super not okay with that and stood up for what she believes in and broke up with him! and i was SO PROUD OF HER!!! because even though she's struggling right now that just goes to show that she really does have a testimony and she KNOWS that this is right and was strong enough to stand up for that.

i also got a package from grandma and grandpa tantillo! THANK YOU!!!!! those cookies and treats were wonderful and so delicious they're already gone! haha my companion Sister Hileman LOVED them and im pretty sure she ate half of the box herself in this past week. so she says thank you too :) that was so sweet and made me feel so loved so thank you!
also dad i got you old missionary scriptures in the mail this week :) THEYRE SO COOL! hahaha i love them they're like made out of tent material no wonder they've lasted this long! ill send you a picture of them next week. oh and i got a letter from elder derek lambert too! he's doing awesome. and also remember elder sousa the one from brazil thats in my district? well he's from the same area that derek is serving in! AND he met derek during his first week there because he was going on splits with the missionaries there to prepare to come here! he remembered the redheaded elder of course. so that was a small world.

last p day we went to the Franklin Park Zoo as a district! i saw the most random animals that i didnt even know existed and we ran into like every other district serving in MA. so that was fun. also this week was halloween! and since we were red dotted and couldnt be out after six we made caramel apples. ill send pictures. the one of my on the ground is from my face getting stuck in the caramel. sister hileman died laughing and almost peed her pants.

we had return and report this week where all of the other missionaries that got here a few weeks ago get together with President and sister Packard and they train us and check up on how we're doing so far. and then after that we went to lunch at a brazilian restaurant!

okay best moment of the week! so we were walking along the street and we came up to this house that had a few men just chillin on their porch drinking their beers. so we stopped to talk to them and sister hileman starts going off in spanish. and they were like uhhh we speak portuguese sorry. and i was like YESSSS TUDO BEM!!!!! hahahah but thankfully they spoke english too cause thats about the extent of my poruguese right now. but there's seven men that live in that house all from brazil and they're like the seven dwarfs and so funny. we talked to them for a while and they loved us and that we are out serving the lord. they invited us to come back next week too! they're all super awesome and im excited to see if anything happens with that.

I love you all so much! Thank you for everything that you do for me :) have a good week!

Sister Tantillo

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