Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter #6: Off to Boston!

THIS IS MY LAST DAY IN THE MTC! WHAT HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN TIME GOES SO FAST!!!!! So today is super crazy because its half p day half frantically trying to pack and also we still have our usual six hours of class. So lots to do lots to do. Also I have to get a shot today and that’s just not cool. Ive already warned Sister Davis that it will not be a pleasant experience.

Mom I got your package this week! It was SO CUTE! You are the best missionary mom EVER. hahah I loved it and it made me so happy and thank you! Sister Bruggeman: I also got your package and it was the cutest thing ever and you didn’t have to do that it was so sweet! Tell your class THANK YOU for the adorable cards and that I love them and that missionary work is the greatest thing ever. Also I wish I could be there this year to see your house decorated like Hogwarts because that is my favorite thing on this planet. I want to be just like you when i grow up :) LOVE YOU

So last Tuesday was our last time going to the temple. So our whole district met by the front gates of the MTC and went together which was really special. That night we had our departing interviews with the branch presidency and mine was with Brother Sell which was cool because he was the
one to interview me the first day i got here.

For service this week we got to raise all of the country flags that are in front of and around the mtc! That was awesome cause we got to pick which countries went up that day so of course we picked our favorites and brazil went up first. We also hosted again that day and guess who I got to host?!? Brooke Lafevere!! I actually stole her from another sister that was already hosting her. I was like woops nope im taking this one over. And then we went and found Mercedes Thompson who was also hosting that day and we got her all ready to be a missionary and then put her on the bus over to west campus. Which we later found out Alli Yost was over there and hosted her when she got off the bus! so lucky Brooke was greeted by half of Redmond stake. We basically take over every place. I don’t know how our stake manages to do that but we tend to travel in packs.. Also arriving at the mtc that day was Irmao Bitners little brother! he told us to look out for a big red van cause that would be his fam. so we did and when it pulled in Sister Kimbrell and I chased it around the entire MTC so that we could be there when he got out and meet his fam. they probs thought we were cray but it was exciting to meet our teachers fam.

On Thursday we had in field orientation ALL DAY. From 8 to 5:30. And I was stressed and anxious all day cause that was also the day that our calls were supposed to come! So we finally make it through the day and then we go to the mailbox and THEYRE NOT THERE!!! ahh I died it was terrible. So then we go back to class all sad and Sister Davis got a migraine so the two of us actually ended up going back the residence hall so that she could lie down. So she’s sleeping and im in there studying and then we hear Sister Kimbrell and Sargent running up the stairs screaming that our reassignments were there!!!! I guess they were in the travel office but they hadn’t put them in our mailboxes for some reason but Elder Lott got them to give them to us somehow. So thankfully Sister Davis was feeling better so we went back to the class to open them! I was skipping there I was so excited and freaking out and Sister Davis was totally calm and I don’t know how she does that. So
Irmao Hickman was already there teaching our class that night but then we were also waiting for Irmao Bitner to come be there to watch us open them too and so waiting for him was torture and its like he better have been running. We all sat in a circle and Elder Lott randomly handed out the calls. So we left them upside down on our desks and then took turns reading each other’s which was SUCH a special way to do it. So Sister Birch read me mine and I got Sister Kimbrell and got to read hers!

okay here’s the reassignments

Indiana, Indianapolis
Sister Pedilla
Sister Forsyth
Sister Sargent
Sister Kimrell

Everett, WA
Sister Birch
Sister Davis
Elder Nixon

Sister Whittney: Anaheim, CA
Elder Barrus: Long Beach, CA
Elder Byron: Knoxville, Tennessee
Elder Hamilton: Des Moines, Iowa
Elder Lott: Little Rock, Arkansas

Friday we had our last lessons with our investigators and they went really well. Afterwards Elder Bitner showed us pictures of the real investigators that we were teaching since they were people that he taught on his mish. So that was awesome. That night we had a district testimony meeting and I have never been in a more powerful testimony meeting it was incredible. We went in a circle and everyone bore there testimony and everyone cried and you could just feel the love that everyone has for each other and for our Savior. Afterwards Elder Nixon opened a letter that he had from his family with his little brother’s mission call in it! He wanted to do it with us while the spirit was so strong. He was called to Anaheim, CA!

I don’t even know where to start with General Conference. After the first session Elder Nixon was like "is it always this good??" hahah kinda true though we've been missing out! Not that we haven’t paid attention to it before its just different listening as a missionary I guess. It was cool noticing the themes throughout the sessions. We watched the relief society re broadcasted while the elders were at priesthood session. And I sat by Alli aka Sorella Yost!!!! she already knew about my reassignment cause I think her mom told her and she was so cute and all worried that I was going to be cold there and did I have a coat and not to get lost. She knows me.

Okay so I have a lot of favorite things from GC but something that I wrote in my notes from Bednar's talk was that God does not always change our circumstances, but He will bless us with the power and strength to endure our circumstances.

On Sunday in between sessions the Elders gave us all blessings. I asked Elder Lott to give me mine and it was so special and exactly what I needed to hear. They told us all to pray the night before to know who God wanted to talk to us through. So I did and I felt like it needed to be Elder Lott and then as he was giving me my blessing I realized that YES you were the only one that could have worded that the way I needed to hear it. That night for devotional VOCAL POINT CAME. That’s right. Vocal Point. They sang for us and several of them talked and gave short messages and it was really really really cool. Then afterwards I went and found Alli and we said goodbye. even though we both hate goodbyes and said that we wouldn’t do that we still did which was dumb because we just stood there bawling but it was like a happy kind of cry cause we're so excited for each other!

Alrighty well I love you all and family I’ll talk to you TOMORROW!!!!! Have a great week :) church is true. God loves you. SO MUCH.

Com Amor,
Sister Tantillo

Sometime we do Laundry

Me and Sister Davis Reassignment Day!!!

this basically describes irmao bitner (far left) irmao hickman is on the right

Me and Sister Kimbrell (I got to open her call!!)


Sister Davis and Me pointing to our new mission!!

Silly Elderessssss

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