Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Letter #2: My Favorite Day Is Tuesday

BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK = my beautiful siblings are reading Harry Potter!!!!!! proud of you. keep me updated on how much you LOVE IT. Mom the chocolates you made were beautiful and I'm jealous of your skills. Look at you turning into nan! Garrett got a slip of paper today that MIGHT mean he got his visa? But I haven't seen him again yet so I'll find out when I see him at lunch what it was for.

Okay, so could you forward my emails to mik and afton too please? I gave you their emails and send them last weeks too cause the want them. thanks! I'm gonna just go through the days of the week cause thats easiest!

Emailing was super stressful and still is but that's okay cause I love it. We had choir and all walked up to the Marriott center for it and I cried for joy to be on byu campus because I love that place so much. Then we had devotional which was INCREDIBLE! He talked about how the scriptures are full of examples of the relationship between God and His son and how we can have that kind of relationship with God too as His children

We started the morning with service and me and my roomies got put on cleaning windows. Better than the elders - they got put on bathroom duty. suckers. We taught our investigator Ellison and it was going super great until he asked us a ridiculous question that we didn't even know how to answer in English so we were like uhhhh we'll get back to you on that one bye. haha AND THEN I GOT A PACKAGE!!! We can't open mail til 9:30 but my roommates and I went nuts over the cookies and ate all of them and it was the best thing ever THANK YOU KATIE YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!! oh also wednesday is report day to the mtc so Sister Davis and I went and studied by the bookstore so we could see everyone coming in and I saw Brother and Sister Moulton!!! That was wonderful. And then ALLISON FREAKING YOST SHOWED UP!!!!! I cant even tell you how happy of a moment that was. It was like a scene out of the movies. I ran into her arms and we both just started crying and her host thought we were nuts and we didn't even cry because it was a glorious reunion. I'll send a pic. We look ridiculous cause we had actually been crying. She's over at west campus, though, so I haven't seen her since :(((( hopefully I will tonight at choir.

Last lesson with Ellison! We were all super nervous for it which was weird cause normally we're like alright lets do this!! But everyone did super great and it's insane how much we've improved in just a week. The funniest stories come out of teaching these lessons though cause we like dont know this language and so who knows what we're actually saying! hahaah one sister was explaining the restoration and called Joesph Smith a midget. And her investigator was like ummm thats cool? hahah and then another sister companionship was trying to say "holy spirit" but ended up saying "spirit goose". Yeah we rock at this language. But one thing that has become so clear and that our teachers keep telling us is that the language really is not whats important! Its all about showing your LOVE to the people and teaching with the spirit.

So we walk into class in the morning and Ellison is sitting there in a shirt and tie and we FREAKED OUT. Apparently Ellison is actually Brother Hickman OUR TEACHER!!!! We all just started apologizzing immedietly like sorry for our terrible portuguese and that you had to suffer through listening to us. So during gym time Sis Davis and I usually go run the track but today I played basketball with my dear cousin Elder Horton. I totally beat him even though im ten feet shorter #skills. jk but it was fun bonding time with the cous. (thanks for teaching me how to shoot dad). okay so the elders played SUCH A MEAN JOKE ON US. they told us that elder lott got his visa and was leaving and we were so sad!!! IT WAS RUDE. umm I ran into Yevi (girl from my floor at byu) in the lunchroom! She left this week and is serving in WA!! woot woot!

Ellison/Brother Hickman taught us again. He says "tudo bem" at the end of EVERY SENTENCE. And he doesnt even realize he's doing it!! hahha Elder Hamilton kept tally of it and not even kidding he said it five bajillion times in one three hour class. Elder Nixon has the same personality as Bradykins and its weird but awesome. Also we get along super great cause he quotes Harry Potter and I'm the only one that laughs. his girlfriend is serving in Rochester so we bonded over that too and I told him to tell her to say hi to my grandparents for me but I don't think hes actually going to pass on that message.

BEST DAY AT THE MTC. Minus sacrament meeting that part is stressful. We all have to prepare a five minute talk every week and then they randomly call on two people to give their talk with no warning IN PORTUGUESE. But none of my district got called on cause we're newbies. for dinner we ate ice cream as a district cause our moms aren't here to tell us to eat healthy :) Then we had devo and wathced the Testament,. good stuff.

Funniest day of life. The trio of elders (byron, hamilton, lott) got locked out of their room in their towels for like half an hour while elder nixon went to get help. They thoroughly made fun of them for that one. Then Sister Sargent fell into a trash can while she was walking backwards talking to someone. Also she got a nosebleed in the middle of teaching one of her lessons. She had a rough day.

Also this week our district got moved up to the fifth floor and THE STAIRS ARE ETERNAL. Sister Kimbrell laughs at me because apparently she thinks my facial expressions are funny. Also at night time it will finally get quiet and Sis. Kimbrell will start laughing hysterically cause apparently she thinks its super funny when the room randomly gets quiet. And it takes her forever to calm down and she has to say a prayer for it to stop. Seriously, this happens every night. We had district sharing time this week and brought pics of our family. YOU ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Everyone I promise I'm writing you back today!!!!!!!
Grandparents T: Thank you for you letter!!! glad you enjoyed labor day and that cookout sounds SO FUN!!! I miss you and love you!
Dad: thanks for lecturing Katie about staying out of my room. also for your dearelders they made my day and don't tell anyone but i got most excited to read yours!! :)
mom: answers to your questions. life without a cell phone is weird/liberating. the first few days i kept reaching for it and then was like oh wait... hahah and my clothes are great! Katie told me she showed you the videos of us in the car. proud of you for not crying. sorry my dance moves are epic
nan: no. dating the elders in the MTC is not allowed. I'M A MISSIONARY ;) hahaah your letter was wonderful and made me laugh! thanks for taking care of my mom in her state of emotional insanity. LOVE YOU and I'm writing you a letter today!!
Rachel: you da you da best. i will be waiting ever not so patiently for your letter. hope school isn't killing you too bad. also tell tanner that he better be taking you on Friday dates since i cant anymore
tanner: thanks for your email! i laughed cause you wrote me more than my own sister and isn't that just so typical? i cant wait to tell my district about the hand snappy thing thanks!!
Grandparents S: are you back in mesa? it is wonderful to be here with Garrett! we got to go to a temple session together and it was so special to be there with family :) i love him and he's taking such good care of me here. lucky to have him
Katie: you looks so beautiful in all of the pics that ive gotten of you and i cant even handle how gorgeous you are. STOP BEING SO PRETTY I CANT KEEP UP. hahah i love you little sis. a letter is coming your way!
mike-n-ike: thanks for the Eastlake update!!!! root for them for me: i heard you had awesome seats at the mariners game you lucky goober.

quote of the week " when the hour of performance has come, the time for preparation has passed."

With all my love,
Sister Tantillo

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